Luke Steele talks flying solo with Empire of the Sun

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With Empire of the Sun prepping their extravagant live show for its big debut at Brisbane’s Parklife this weekend, frontman Luke Steele has spoken out on his professional relationship with former member Nick Littlemore, who departed earlier this year to focus again on Pnau (not to mention a musical rendezvous or two with Elton John). According to Steele, Littlemore did the bolt five months ago and left him “with the baby”, as he so succinctly puts it, and he hasn’t spoken with him since.

“Last I heard he’s in Canada and then he’s in Vegas,” Steele told AAP this week of their broken musical union. “(But) as my Dad always says, you’ve got to keep the show on the road.” When asked whether Littlemore was part of the and anymore, he replied, “I really don’t know, hey. He’s just left me with the baby.”

Steele also spoke more on the kind of lavish spectacle we can expect at Parklife over the next two weekends. Not quite as much as he would have liked it seems, but it’s looking like there’s still plenty of multisensory overload planned nonetheless.

“It started out pretty massive and then you begin to realise that you do have to be a pop princess or a billionaire to have these ideas come to fruition,” he said. “So we always get scaled back a bit, but the nucleus of it is the same. It’s pretty special. The level of epic ecstasy intensity will differ, but it’s quite grand … and we’ve got a pretty cooking band to play these songs.” He’s referring to Adelaide band The Swiss, who’ve been thrown into the spotlight with Steele’s wacky and costumed tick of approval.

It’s not long now… The national Parklife tour is proudly presented by ITM, keep your eyes peeled to and check out the national tour dates below…

Sat 26th Sep – Botanic Gardens & Riverstage, Brisbane (SOLD OUT)
Sun 27th Sep – Wellington Square, Perth
Sat 3rd Oct – Birrarung Marr, Melbourne (SOLD OUT)
Sun 4th Oct – Kippax Lake, Moore Park, Sydney (SOLD OUT)
Mon 5th Oct – Botanic Park, Adelaide

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i_have_ADD said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

i am so bloody intrigued to see this show. how much hype and buildup has there been!!!


benjiswan said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

no doubt Steele will be blamed for driving Littlemore away or something, let the hating begin, and 1 for live show intrigue


dr_elefant said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

so nick (allegedly) nicked the songs off donnie from sneaky sound system for Empire and then leaves it to Luke? bizarre


mr_doobi said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

LUKE STEEL MAKES ME S I C K ! ! ! ! ! ! and so does EOTS! i think they will be jus like mgmt.. so much hype but totaly shite!


daverh said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

luke is nuts, but it's a good nuts. i for one hope these shows are as amazing as he's been planning them to be.


SqyquesT said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

Wait. What? I must have missed the part where it's ONLY STEELE DOING THE LIVE SHOW?? Isn't that like, a cop out? How can they (sorry, he) perform as EOTS when it's only half the outfit? It's like Daft Punk touring with just one of them! Weird.


i_have_ADD said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

SqyquesT > haha, where have you been the past 4 months? :P was announced that littlemore left back in june -


j0nny04 said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

yay!! means Pnau is coming back! i do like empire of the sun, but Pnau is so much funner to dance to :)


BMoney said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

Won't live up to the hype imo - it'll be a show of Steel in pretty costumes and a lazor with a kangaroo in a tuttoo or three.


LukeAgius said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

over Empire of the Sun will somebody just shoot them already?


batersrant said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

What the hell is that 'missing in action' chat about... He walked away cause he had way better opportunities then flogging this soon to be dead horse. Disappearing to the UK to produce Groove Armada's new album and planning for the new Pnau record are abo


danmau5 said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

Luke Steele is a wanker. take a look at his abilities in comparison to Nick - he has to stay and tour EotS because its all he has (besides a band that he has already fired, but werent really any good anyways), where Nick has his fingers in a million diffe


chris_b91 said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

thankyou danmau5. over 9000 to that


candlebanana said on the 23rd Sep, 2009

i'm so pleased to hear some of these comments. where i'm from, it seems i'm the only one one on the hate train with luke steele. for the love of god someone shoot him in the head. he tries WAY too hard, to do pisspoor knock-offs of things that have alread


johnthemusical said on the 27th Sep, 2009

Man what is this empire bullshit. What happened to The sleepy Jackson? They had that fkn amazing drummer in the band. Wonder what happened to him. Indeed he was an inspiring musician