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There sure was a lot of hype swirling around the debut of Empire of the Sun’s live show at Parklife over the weekend, with frontman Luke Steele waxing lyrical to the media on many occasions as to what it would entail. While his original plans to include tigers and elephants didn’t make the cut, Luke told us last week that we could still expect a “level of epic ecstasy intensity”… When the show finally debuted to thousands at Parklife in Brisbane on Saturday, it was indeed beautiful and a sight to behold, check out some of the shots below…

Empire Of The Sun – Debut Live Show

If you’ve not yet seen the photos from the parties over the weekend, you check out the Brisbane photos and the Perth photos now, and stay tuned to ITM for plenty more Parklife covering for the duration of the tour.

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Comment Added

lfitz said on the 28th Sep, 2009

What was he like people?


daverh said on the 28th Sep, 2009

Looks so damn epic! Glad they pulled it off.


Bluejay said on the 28th Sep, 2009

they closed the riverstage off 5 hours before they were due because it was at capacity. some people inside weren't aware or didnt care and left riverstage, but the not a soul was allowed in to take their place. most patrons didnt get the chance too see


randomman1987 said on the 28th Sep, 2009

I didn't think it was all that great, it was like a cut and paste of the music video. La Roux got the crowd amped up more imo.


hazyinseptember said on the 28th Sep, 2009

was great to watch.. but like the album the music was 70% meh - 30% awesome.. anyone know who the VJ's were on mainstage.. some of it was very nice..

Lady Lex

Lady Lex said on the 29th Sep, 2009

I am so in love wtih Luke Steele after Parklife....