Nick Littlemore too busy chilling with Elton John to call Luke Steele

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It was just last week that ITM reported on Empire Of The Sun ringleader Luke Steele’s dismay at performing the project’s debut live shows at Parklife without his partner in crazy Nick Littlemore. Although the news had been out for sometime that Littlemore would be off recording the next Pnau record while the good ship Empire set sail on its maiden journey, it was interesting to hear Steele’s thoughts on Littlemore’s departure, explaining that he hadn’t heard from the Pnau wiz for “five months” and flying solo with EOTS felt as though Littlemore had indeed “left him with the baby”.

In light of Empire Of The Sun’s massive success on the first leg of the Parklife tour (check the first photos here on ITM) the absent Dad himself, Nick Littlemore, has spoken out with his side of the story, explaining that he’s just been too busy swanning around the globe to get in touch with his beleaguered bandmate.

“I was recording in Atlanta and swimming with my phone in my pocket,” he explained to the NME about not giving Steele a call. “I’ve never managed to replace it”.
Dodgy excuses aside, Littlemore went on to divulge about what else has been keeping him busy, revealing that beyond the Empire Of The Sun realm, the producer has a slew of projects in the works.

“I’ve been working with Cirque du Soleil in Montreal and writing and recording the next Pnau album in London, Atlanta and New York with Peter Mayes,” he said. Littlemore also spoke at length about the band’s work with Elton John on the record, explaining what role the iconic piano man would play on the record. “We’re making a studio album with Elton John co-writing on some tracks. We met Elton in Australia and his manager has now become our manager.”

Littlemore also added that as well as having new Pnau material on the cards for 2010, he and Mayes area planning to re-enter the live arena with shows across the US later this year. “We’re fully in recording mode and will be playing New York, Miami and Mexico in November…which will be huge.”

Thanks for the update Nick! Is a homecoming tour (and possible make-up with Steele) too much to hope for?

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mr_doobi said on the 1st Oct, 2009

get over it..... ur both shit!


jackles said on the 1st Oct, 2009

what i wanna know is, what sorta arrangement would be made on the cash they make on the plife tour? littlemore isnt even touring so he shouldnt get fkn shit but obviously he would hold some right on the name as he is part of EOTS, i wonder what sorta d


Marky said on the 1st Oct, 2009

Jackles - Steele would lodge a performance report with APRA, and as Nick Littlemore would bee credited as co-writing those songs he would get paid a few bucks for each song that was performed. As for the performance fees (which would be considerable), I d


djbricksta said on the 1st Oct, 2009

Littlemore seems to be enjoying himself a lot more haha


scottyk82 said on the 3rd Oct, 2009

did this article say the massive success of the first parklife leg. Dodgey reporting....again


tara_185 said on the 4th Oct, 2009

I wish Luke Steele would get over himself...if we knew Nick wasn't going to Parklife, Luke bloody would have known


beebop said on the 6th Oct, 2009

i thought pnau had broken up?