Sydney's second Big Day Out show sells out

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The Big Day Out juggernaut continues to roll on, with the recently added encore show in Sydney now sold out.

The sell out mirrors other cities including Melbourne and Gold Coast who have already had their tickets snapped up by eager punters, and of course the first Sydney show on January 22 which went like lightning.

The second Sydney date on Saturday 23 January marks the 100th Big Day Out, so there’s sure to be a certain centenary hysteria around the date.

If you’re likewise feeling feverish with BDO anticipation, take a refresher course of the monster lineup with ITM’s shiny artist gallery over here, and stay tuned to our Big Day Out festival page for more juicy news as it comes.

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campbellt said on the 14th Oct, 2009

Deos that mean seeing as the 2nd show sold out in record time are they going to keep on announcing shows until it starts to slow down????


Roygbiv said on the 14th Oct, 2009

Are you kidding me!? I really don't understand this at all. The past 5 years lineups have pissed all over this one, why the hype now? Must be all the mainstream crossover acts, but still, absolutely beyond me.


mcdoofus said on the 14th Oct, 2009

ZOMG the scalpers did it!!11


natty91 said on the 20th Oct, 2009

thats shit that the ppl who didnt get in quick get to have the 100th BDO...sigh.