DJ Hell hits back at Felix Da Housecat’s plagiarism claims

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It was just a couple of weeks ago that ITM detailed the war of words that had erupted between club mainstays DJ Hell and Felix Da Housecat, the latter of which was claiming (in some grammatically terrifying Twitter messages) that DJ Hell had used recording outtakes between Felix and Bad Boy rap mogul Diddy without permission. With most of the blows being thrown by Felix, curious fans following the action have yet to hear DJ Hell’s side of the story, until now that is, as ITM recently secured some interview time with accused Hell, who spoke out about the drama.

“To me, it looks like a big provocation,” Hell told ITM of the conflict with Felix. “This recording was done five or six years ago when Felix and myself were working on a Puff Daddy album that was never released. I think he’s trying to provoke me, like I’m going to go shooting back and say something bad, but I won’t because I have a contract with Puff Daddy, Bad Boy and they are not very happy with what he is doing,” he said.

Unfazed by Felix’s online rants at him, Hell opened up about the situation, revealing that he’s tried to talk the issue over with his sparring partner only to be rebuffed by Felix’s management team. “His manager says I’m not allowed to talk to him; nobody is allowed to talk to him. It’s really kind of childish,” Hell said. “He’s attacking me on the internet. I heard about [twitter, but] I really don’t read it…I will not get drawn into it because then it will become a big issue. I have the contract signed, and Felix said nothing when my album was released half a year ago.”

Having responded to Felix’s claims in the measured, firm manner that you’d expect from Hell, it’ll be interesting to see where the conflict goes from here. The full interview with DJ Hell has now landed on ITM so check out the whole thing right here.

Meanwhile, our attention now turns to DJ Hell’s Australian tour, kicking off this Friday night in Melbourne. Check the details below and if you dare, have a look at the song that’s caused so much controversy, DJ Hell’s The DJ ft. Diddy.

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Juzzzy said on the 14th Oct, 2009

haha, yer respect, i quite enjoy this track too :D


roidhead said on the 15th Oct, 2009

they can both eat a huge wang, the tracks with Diddy are so lame, who cares about their cheesy shit music.