Mr C ditches clubs for Hollywood

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Heralded by those in the dance music archives as one of the pioneering figures of driving electronic music, UK icon Mr C has undoubtedly secured his legacy with his work in acid-house outfit Shamen, not to mention his founding work behind revered British club The End – which the man himself brought out to Australia this time last year, no less. It’s a good thing that legacy is in tact, because it looks as though Mr C is re-directing his energy away from the club scene, announcing that he’s left his UK home for Los Angeles to give his film career a shot.

As reported by Mixmag overnight, Mr C has indeed gone Hollywood, with the DJ explaining to the mag that his commitment to the cinematic craft is already paying off.

“I’ve been studying a very serious form of method acting weekly for 6 years now called the Spiritual Psychology Of Acting with Miracle Tree Productions and have landed my first two movies already,” Mr C (or Richard West as he’ll more than likely be credited in said movies) wrote. “The first starts shooting at the end of this month and into December in London and I’ve been lucky enough to land the main supporting role. I’ve also landed a second movie, also British, which starts shooting in London and Liverpool in June 2010. Both of these movies are 100% confirmed.”

We’ll have to consult Alanis Morissette on this one, but isn’t it kind of ironic that he’s left the UK to start a film career in Hollywood, only to land his first big roles in British films? Or maybe it’s just plain annoying for the guy.

But it’s not all dire news, as Mr C confirmed he’s still clutching to his clubbing roots, taking his Superfreq brand with him to Hollywood for nights across the country. Good on ya, geezer.

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