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The 2manydjs summer loving has begun! Soulwax supremos Stephen and David Dewaele are set to return to Australia in their floor-smashing 2manydjs guise, jetting all across the country to play New Years festivals like Summadayze, Field Day, not to mention the recently announced Killer NYE in Melbourne. Whilst fans have been in a clamour for the duo’s arrival on local turf, many have also been wondering what exactly a 2manydjs ‘live’ show, as it’s been billed, will entail if it’s not a fully blown Soulwax show. ITM’s asked exactly that question to Stephen Dewaele when we got him on the blower ahead of the tour, and it sounds damn exciting.

“We wanted to make it more than just a DJ set, because they’re really big shows we couldn’t do something small. So we tried to do something different but at the same time keep the strong visual side to things, you know?”

As such, the Dewaele brothers rifled through their, what we can only assume is infinite, record collection, pinched the sleeve art and then reworked those images with animations and other twists, bringing them to life on stage.

“Think of the cover for Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers, which is already a great piece of art, we animate it and bring Dizzee to life almost! But even if it’s a sleeve that’s quite plain, we still try and do something interesting with it, to make it exciting for the people.”

Indeed, the Belgian pair keep their shows dynamic but doing everything life, Stephen says, foregoing any Ableton trickery. “I really like Ableton, but we just don’t know how to use it properly! So we’ve just built up our own way of doing things over the years, finding out how we can make everything happen with our hands. People don’t believe us but at these live shows we’re doing everything up there on stage, we’re mixing the records, but also triggering and programming the animations as we go,” he says. “That’s why there’s some mistakes in there! But it’s been working so far, people seem to really like it and at least they won’t have to wonder what song we’re playing as it’ll be right there on screen!”

Check out some fan footage from a recent 2manydjs live where the boys pay tribute to Michael Jackson for a little taste of what to expect on their slew of festival dates over the summer.

2manydjs tour dates:

Thursday December 31st – Killer, Melbourne (live)
Friday January 1st – Field Day, Sydney (live)
Friday January 1st – Summadayze, Melbourne (DJ set)
Sunday January 3rd – Summadayze, Perth (live)
Saturday January 9th – Summafieldayze, Gold Coast (live)
Sunday January 10th – Midsummer Circus, Adelaide (live)


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Comment Added

justbecause said on the 6th Nov, 2009

sideshow in brissy/goldy?


The3rdPlumpDj said on the 6th Nov, 2009

might be a bit tight for side shows that time of the year mate.


starkeyfaction said on the 6th Nov, 2009

I saw them in Spain at heineken festival, show and animations where saweeeet.


mandojoe said on the 6th Nov, 2009

do u want an award for seeing them starkeyfaction?


justbecause said on the 6th Nov, 2009

gah that sucks then, as I don't have the financial resources available to go to SFD :(


scuba_a_team said on the 6th Nov, 2009

i was also at the bennicasim festival in spain, and after kings of leon cancelling at last minute, 2manyDjs saved the festival the night after... wicked live show!


DJHUI said on the 6th Nov, 2009

I can't wait till summafieldayze


sdaa said on the 6th Nov, 2009

melb summadayze shafted.


nathanjsmithers said on the 6th Nov, 2009

their set at glastonbury was ridiculous. animations for justice and major lazer were amazing


GrEnNo said on the 6th Nov, 2009

they are always a highlight!!!


Bitsmasher said on the 6th Nov, 2009

So it's not really "live", they're just playing cheesy visuals to heavily-effected mixing. Looks and sounds a bit too much like an RSL club "disco"...


Bromantis said on the 6th Nov, 2009

2manydjs and The Proxy are playing at The Palace, Melbourne on NYE aswell.


scottyk82 said on the 7th Nov, 2009

too true bitsmasher.... waffle eating button pressers in my eyes.


realkirill said on the 9th Nov, 2009

jesus christ they butcher some good tunes