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After greeting 2010 with the loved-up hordes of Falls Festival, dance veteran Moby has committed to a couple of special dates in Sydney and Melbourne. The prolific beat-maker turned band-leader hasn’t played headline shows in Australia in over four years, so he’s chosen some grand venues for his return.

This year heralded Moby’s ninth album Wait For Me, coming a decade after his blockbusting opus Play. The man has never been one to repeat himself from record to record, and Wait For Me saw him meandering along a delicate, melancholy path.

With a catalogue of tracks that takes in everything from the euphoric rave of Go to the punk growl of That’s When I Reach for My Revolver, a Moby live show is always an event.

Moby plays this pair of sideshows in early January, between his appearances at Falls Festival, Southbound and Sunset Sounds. Tickets on sale Tuesday 17 November:

Sunday 3 January – Palace Theatre, Melbourne [18+]
Monday 4 January – Sydney Opera House [All Ages]

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Juzzzy said on the 9th Nov, 2009

great venue to hear his music, but in terms of crowd atmosphere, i think opera house will be lacking.


mandojoe said on the 9th Nov, 2009

Why does my heart, feel soo baad


toothdoc said on the 9th Nov, 2009

I agree with Juzzzy I love Moby. He rocked the tent at Splendour a few years back. But the Opera House??? Hardly the venue for a dance act We might spill our chardonnay or make crumbs from the cheese and crackers while we dance

the elektro kitten

the elektro kitten said on the 9th Nov, 2009

of course Adelaide miss out lol

special ed

special ed said on the 9th Nov, 2009

i got a free ticket to his concert last time he was here, and i still wanted a refund.


TysanKlai said on the 10th Nov, 2009

friggin 99 bucks for an all ages event!? and its just Moby? have fun with that.

DJ Hitch

DJ Hitch said on the 10th Nov, 2009

Why the hell is it all ages?????? What kids under the age of 18 are going to jump at the opportunity to see Moby?


cstead said on the 10th Nov, 2009

doh! Guess that means he is doing lame ambient shit

Sir Muntalot

Sir Muntalot said on the 26th Nov, 2010

what happened to Brisbane? hello? He was awesome at Splendor in 2005... would love to see him again!