NME name their Top 100 albums of the decade

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Dang, you know it’s November when every website, blog, paper, magazine and their dog rolls out a series of particularly epic reader grabs, waxing nostalgic over the best ____’s of the past year, or as is the case in 2009, of the past decade. And whilst the team here at inthemix have yet to start spruiking an Ultimate Gurners Countdown we have been getting into the spirit of things, looking back on the past ten years and thinking of our favourite records. Offering up their take on the past decade of music, British rag sheet NME have this week named their ‘Top 100 Albums Of The Decade’, decided by a panel of ‘musicians, producers, writers and record label bosses’.

As expected from the publication, the list is dominated by NME rock heroes like Arctic Monkey and The Libertines, as well as upcoming Australian visitors Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who land twice in the top 40. Following suit New York garage scruffs The Strokes, and their debut album This Is It, have taken out the #1 spot on the list.

But it’s not all indie, as dance fans have plenty to celebrate with crossover acts like The Streets, LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, MIA, The Knife, Klaxons and Jay-Z showing healthily in the list. Indeed, Primal Scream’s beloved tech-punk LP XTRMNTR makes a splash with a #3 spot on the list, and AWOL Australian favourites The Avalanches land in at #45 with their masterful Since I Left You.

The full 100 was published today on NME, but you can go straight to the Top 50 below.

1. The Strokes – ‘Is This It’
2. The Libertines – ‘Up The Bracket’
3. Primal Scream – ‘XTRMNTR’
4. Arctic Monkeys – ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Fever To Tell’
6. PJ Harvey – ‘Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea’
7. Arcade Fire – ‘Funeral’
8. Interpol – ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’
9. The Streets – ‘Original Pirate Material’
10. Radiohead – ‘In Rainbows’
11. At The Drive In – ‘Relationship Of Command’
12. LCD Soundsystem – ‘Sound Of Silver’
13. The Shins – ‘Wincing The Night Away’
14. Radiohead – ‘Kid A’
15. Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘Songs For The Deaf’
16. The Streets – ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’
17. Sufjan Stevens – ‘Illinois’
18. The White Stripes – ‘Elephant’
19. The White Stripes – ‘White Blood Cells’
20. Blur – ‘Think Tank’
21. The Coral – ‘The Coral’
22. Jay-Z – ‘The Blueprint’
23. Klaxons – ‘Myths Of The Near Future’
24. The Libertines – ‘The Libertines’
25. The Rapture – ‘Echoes’
26. Dizzee Rascal – ‘Boy in Da Corner’
27. Amy Winehouse – ‘Back To Black’
28. Johnny Cash – ‘The Man Comes Around’
29. Super Furry Animals – ‘Rings Around The World’
30. Elbow – ‘Asleep In The Back’
31. Bright Eyes – ‘I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning’
32. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Show Your Bones’
33. Arcade Fire – ‘Neon Bible’
34. Grandaddy – ‘The Sophtware Slump’
35. Babyshambles – ‘Down In Albion’
36. Spirtualized – ‘Let it Come Down’
37. The Knife – ‘Silent Shout’
38. Bloc Party – ‘Silent Alarm’
39. Crystal Castles – ‘Crystal Castles’
40. Ryan Adams – ‘Gold’
41. Wild Beasts – ‘Two Dancers’
42. Vampire Weekend – ‘Vampire Weekend’
43. Wilco – ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’
44. Outkast – ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’
45. Avalanches – ‘Since I Left You’
46. The Delgados – ‘The Great Eastern’
47. Brendan Benson – ‘Lapalco’
48. The Walkmen – ‘Bows and Arrows’
49. Muse – ‘Absolution’
50. MIA – ‘Arular’


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Comment Added

G005E said on the 18th Nov, 2009

Dizzee Rascal... lol


bean23 said on the 18th Nov, 2009

Where's MYLO-"Destroy Rock n Roll" Album of the decade for sure.


Middy1986 said on the 18th Nov, 2009

"The black Album' > 'Blueprint'


yani_s said on the 18th Nov, 2009

Yes! Strokes! Thats what ive been saying all along!


daverh said on the 18th Nov, 2009

agree with you Middy1986, 100%


danmau5 said on the 18th Nov, 2009

void without Britney Spears - Circus


ticketsplease said on the 18th Nov, 2009

Where is the black keys??


HoolaHoop said on the 18th Nov, 2009

16. The Streets %u2013 %u2018A Grand Don%u2019t Come For Free%u2019 !!


Tranceologer said on the 18th Nov, 2009

Void without Sneaky Sound System and some Tiesto indy rock mix


itisthej said on the 18th Nov, 2009

Where was favourite worst nightmare - arctic monkeys? Franz ferdinand should have made it with both their first two albums. Likewise with kanye west - college dropout, late registration and graduation should have made it aswell. I reckon the pitchfork top


GrEnNo said on the 18th Nov, 2009

at the drive in.....WELL DESERVED!!!!


deXXy_Disaster said on the 18th Nov, 2009

needs moar Favourite Worst Nightmare by arctic monkeys


theHordern said on the 18th Nov, 2009

bloc party at 38?!?! get your shit in order nme..... and where the fuck are is franz ferdinand, the killers, chilis,?!?!? this is a fucking joke


discotheque said on the 18th Nov, 2009

XTRMNTR should have been #1


HUMZY said on the 18th Nov, 2009

reasonable doubt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>blueprint and black album


hamo32 said on the 18th Nov, 2009

i think hot chip should be in there


hiphop123 said on the 18th Nov, 2009

humzy, reasonable doubt came out LAST decade. so wouldn't be included. even though, i agree, it's jay's best


behma said on the 19th Nov, 2009

No Ministry of Sound?


trichter said on the 27th Nov, 2009

Thankfully NME don't decide what's on my MP3 player. I notice apparently the only countries producing good musicians are the UK and US.