ITM presents 2009 Fail Awards

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As November winds down and the summer season begins to kick in we’re already seeing the official staples of this time of year; malls have been decked out in gawdy Christmas themes and already there are a host of ‘Best of 2009’ lists circulating out there.

In that spirit ITM has been tracking back over 2009, thinking about what has stood out the most over the past year. But we’re switching things up this year and kicking off the dash to the finish of 2009 on a different note, focussing on the weird, the WTF and the spectacular fails of 2009. Yes, it’s our very first Fail Awards.

Undeniably there have been plenty of blundering fails to sift through in 2009, from boneheaded police and government initiatives, to fake DJing, dodgy musical collaborations, hissy fits, meltdowns, facepalms and very literal shit storms. So join us, as inthemix counts down 2009’s biggest, baddest, and best fails, awarding the inaugural Golden Kanye to the person behind the year’s most epic fail.

> ITM presents 2009 Fail Awards

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LukeAgius said on the 20th Nov, 2009



micsway said on the 20th Nov, 2009

no cheese for deadmau5, he's got a heart condition

Lady Lex

Lady Lex said on the 20th Nov, 2009

Bwahahahaha! Top Gallery!


wild_comfort said on the 20th Nov, 2009

these things are whorish


brenly said on the 20th Nov, 2009

lol enjoyed that. honestly, how did that chick fall into the toilet?? also i did not know new kids on the block were touring. i woulda bought a ticket! "ba ba ba da da... the right stuff" what happened with guetta - don't really keep up to date with his b


Rashmanadon said on the 20th Nov, 2009

Mistabishi got bigger fail than britney?


minxus said on the 20th Nov, 2009

... of course, now Daft Punk dates have been leaked for August 2010. Not-so-fail?


theHordern said on the 20th Nov, 2009

thats some funny shit....props itm


spaz_fubu said on the 20th Nov, 2009

Epic fail by Australian Idol winner Wes Carr. The candy-coated, Sony Music, corporate manufactured robot performed an 'intimate' gig of a mere TWO PEOPLE in late October for the launch of MySpace Music in Melbourne. HAAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!!


sumphreak said on the 21st Nov, 2009

Nice list - good work whoever put it together. I still have a problem with people calling that girl the Kings Cross bogan - it reeks of snobbery to me. She doesn't seem like a bogan at all once you know it was a joke. A new title please.


Edstacee said on the 21st Nov, 2009

There was two much bigger fail festivals this year..SA's liveatthezoo for example (how you can fail with $5 pints of Coopers I don't know)..that could have been added in stead of GV, maybe just sticking with Norman's Drunk Old Brother antics would have su


Trance4Life4891 said on the 22nd Nov, 2009

Tiesto Sneaky Sound System = EPIC FAIL!!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! - Just like Tiesto's new album & style! SO many negative comments aimed at Tiesto....Check out how bad it is!


Gouldy said on the 22nd Nov, 2009

most of those considered 'EPIC FAILS' are because the majority of ppl on here are arogant fuckwits with a bad case of tall poppy syndrom.


nafets said on the 23rd Nov, 2009

Richie hawtin being booted is anything but a fail for berghain! promo bonanza and highly entertaining...


Nefertiti said on the 27th Nov, 2009

Drug bins at Festivals WTF???!!! Definate FAIL!