Shiver Saturdays launches

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Just when you thought Melbourne’s trance scene couldn’t get any bigger, a new night launches onto the scene. On Saturday 21 November, Majik Entertainment presents a new weekly trance night Shiver Saturdays_ at The Palace Theatre in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

To kick it off with a bang, the local line-up includes many established DJs from both trance and house scenes, with Majik head honcho Papa Smurf, DJ Kat, TKO, Peter McNamara, Trent McDermott, Charlie Zee, Dean Paps and more. Just in time for summer, Shiver Saturdays is one party you may just want to take a look at.

Shiver Saturdays launches on Saturday 21st November at The Palace Theatre.

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dj joey

dj joey said on the 25th Nov, 2009

ive always loved the old metro venue..lets just hope this doesnt out like qbh