Australia the world's most profitable market for cocaine cartels

Image for Australia the world's most profitable market for cocaine cartels

The relatively high street value of cocaine in Australia, compared with the rest of the world, has drawn the attention of overseas cartels who are increasingly targeting the country with shipments, according to a confidential report from the Australian Federal Police obtained by the Australian media. The report points to a “generational shift” towards cocaine as responsible for pushing prices sky high, with the street price now set at a staggering $190,000 a kilo compared to $35,000 in the US.

“As long as the Australian user market is that lucrative, the organised transnational crime syndicates will target us because there are higher profit margins available to them,” the report was quoted in the Herald Sun. As a reflection of this increasing demand, police seizures of cocaine have also skyrocketed in recent years. While cocaine accounted for 5 per cent of drug seizures between 2003 and 2006/7, this figure rose to 10 per cent in 2007/08 before jumping again to 25 per cent in 2008/09.

The report was filed with the Australian Federal Police a week ago to help them evaluate the problem and allocate resources accordingly, and the organisation has confirmed that it now operates a small armed operational team based in the Columbian city of Bogota to help battle the trade.

AFP Acting Deputy Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg confirmed with the Herald Sun that six Australian police officers are currently working to help stop Australian-bound shipments before they leave the country. “They give us a fantastic operational capability in-country, directly under the control of our senior liaison officer there.”

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Dubz said on the 15th Dec, 2009

So....when will the fucking price of a gram come down?


aRibro said on the 15th Dec, 2009

saturating the market will eventually bring the cost down.


liss22 said on the 15th Dec, 2009

as if u would be stupid enough to pay those prices! cant justify paying that amount in south america its about $10-$15 per gram.


alistairrrr said on the 15th Dec, 2009

why would u pay between 300-400 bucks a gram? for stuff that is so heavily cut....... save your money for 6 months and go to south dance scene in the world.......oh yea and grams for 15 bucks......i dunno common sense?


lowriden87 said on the 15th Dec, 2009

Keep up the good work. (cartel) ;-P


timmyj said on the 16th Dec, 2009

give it a couple of years and the prices here will be a heap lower, not as low as other countries though!


Jadedmyspace said on the 16th Dec, 2009

mmm i donno aribro, its not like it's available from coles and wollies who drop prices to compete. You still need to source it out. I doubt the price will go down. And yeah i'm with Alistairrrr, save it for South America and go nuts.


matzta73 said on the 16th Dec, 2009

Why pay so much for something where you have to take it every 30 minutes to keep it going.... I dunno, not common sense?


RainbowBrite said on the 16th Dec, 2009

One would think the strong Aussie dollar would help atm...??


Samouris said on the 16th Dec, 2009

Start handing in your resumes to the cartels people...


jlgra4 said on the 16th Dec, 2009

Looking at this I'm disappointed. It's a shame aussies are so unhealthy these days. Eating shit food, prescribing their own drugs and sitting on their arses too much.


parko said on the 16th Dec, 2009

prices of it have risen to much over the past 10 years as has the quality... no that i would know....


dleklas said on the 16th Dec, 2009

Parko, as long as bikies have a stake in the drug market, it's always gonna be cut with shit stuff. The quality of rack here is terrible and anyone that buys it is a fool.

Bobo The Gimp

Bobo The Gimp said on the 16th Dec, 2009

So what? Just because I dig electronic music doesn't mean I give a stuff about the proffitability of cocaine dealing in Australia! Keep it relevant ITM FFS!


Eggshells said on the 16th Dec, 2009

prices are high here becos of the difficulty and cost on getting it onto the island, are they not? volume of product may bring the price down a bit but the geographical difficulties of important still persist ...


webmonkey said on the 16th Dec, 2009

Personally, I blame Howard. More people now want to be like advertising execs from the 80's. Big noting themselves and not caring much about other people.


polanth said on the 17th Dec, 2009

whizz fizz is a yummy lolly


SurrealRush said on the 17th Dec, 2009

Lol if it's not relevant Bobo then why are so many people commenting? Obviously it has some relevance to the people who view this site, although I agree you dont need to be into drugs to listen/love electronic music. Anyway reckon in a few years the pric


Edstacee said on the 18th Dec, 2009

More a case of the median Australian cocaine user just being stupider and more gullible..


webgott said on the 18th Dec, 2009

Agree - it's not really relevant here. This is NOT the Woollahra Morning Herald


ALAN AHERN said on the 20th Dec, 2009

So dangerous, don't bother with it. Caused huge probs in my homeland (ireland) when it got so cheap & people were all on good money. Now recession fucked the money situation & people are strung out needing coke. And heroin is becoming a more appealing op


realkirill said on the 20th Dec, 2009

could people please learn how to spell colombia finally..... and ye, def save up to go south america if your a fan of the coke in aus.... 10 a bag, and never ever cut.... realistically a g of bolivian in melbourne would be worth 900$ considering the amoun


funkytom said on the 21st Dec, 2009

all drugs are overpriced here, not just coke.


ThomasHahnsen said on the 12th Apr, 2010

I can't imagine paying 300-400 bucks for a gram. I thought 175 was a lot already. Guess I have to be gratefull then (: Take one on the house.