Pendulum ready new album for 2010

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“We’ve definitely been going back to Hold Your Colour a lot; listening back to it and comparing where it went as opposed to In Silico. We’re definitely cross-referencing our earlier stuff on this one, but obviously it’s going to sound like a progression of where we were when we left In Silico.” Perth titans Pendulum kicked off their national tour last weekend, previewing some of their new material with an enhanced hi-tech DJ setup, and the rest of the country will have a chance to see for themselves over the New Year period. They told ITM it’ll be a taste of what’s to come when their third album drops next year.

“We’ve been working on it intensively for the past 3 or 4 months, but technically ever since we finished In Silico in March of last year. A lot of it we’ve done on the road whilst touring, in small studios set up on the bus and in hotel rooms and stuff, but it’s coming along nicely. I guess we’re a tiny bit behind schedule, but that’ to be expected with us – we’re perfectionists,” founding member Gareth McGrillen told ITM.

And broadly, Pendulum say the album can be defined as drum n’ bass. “There’s going to be a lot of tempos on there; because we’ve got a live show and we DJ across the board, and when it comes to tempos we’ve earned a bit of a creative license. But there’s definitely what you come to expect from drum n’ bass on there.”

This tour will see Gareth, along with Rob Swire and Paul Harding, hitting the stage using Ableton controllers for a DJ performance they say is a lot more “involved”. However ,we can expect a return of the live show once the album is out. “Now that we’ve got the live set down, and we know how to adapt absolutely anything you can do in the studio one hundred percent to a live environment – yet still maintain the electronics and the sonics of it… we can step back into the electronic arena. We’re still using instruments, probably more instruments now, but we’re using them in a clever way rather than just, say, blatant full up on the wedge rock and roll.”

Stay tuned for ITM’s full length audio interview with Pendulum, and catch them in the flesh at the remaining national shows:

Sat Dec 26th – Metro City, Perth
Wed Dec 30th – Phat, Nelson (NZ)
Thur Dec 31st – Harbour Party NYE Luna Park, Sydney
Fri Jan 1st – Summadayze, Adelaide

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