Ed Banger's secret post Christmas gift

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Okay, so calling it a ‘secret’ might be a bit of a stretch now that Ed Banger head honcho Busy P has written about it on his label’s Cool Cats blog, but floating around out there somewhere is indeed a super exclusive Christmas present from the French electro stronghold, containing a delicious little sneak peek at what the label has in store for 2010.

According to Busy P, the Xmas promo CD has the first taste of some of the label’s biggest 2010 releases including new material from Breakbot, Uffie, Mr Flash, not to mention a preview of SebastiAn’s long awaited debut LP – with a track that’s reportedly 13 minutes of glitched-out noise.

So how do you hear it? Well that’s the ‘secret’ part, with only 100 copies of the promo disc having been pressed, it’s likely that you’ll have to be a member of some shadowy electro cult, complete with secret handshakes and swaddling So-Me inspired cloak uniforms. Praise Pedro and count us in!

Sounds exciting… Have you got your hands on a copy yet?


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Matthew de Groot

Matthew de Groot said on the 4th Jan, 2010

Mine was delivered by ninja last week. Its kind of crap but.


SlicyDicer said on the 4th Jan, 2010

Prove it and upload it imo


jaketux01 said on the 6th Jan, 2010

www.trashbagskids.com they have the oizo and sebastiAn tracks there SebastiAns track is shit except for when it drops at 11mins, unreal, pure sebastiAn.