The Killers hose down reports of hiatus after Good Vibrations

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It’s been widely reported that The Killers’ upcoming gigs on Good Vibrations Festival tour would be their last for quite a long time, with guitarist Dave Keuning’s comments to Australian Associated Press last week widely interpreted as meaning the band would be going their separate ways for the rest of 2010. “Burnout” was cited as the reason the Las Vegas ensemble would be putting things on the backburner for a while, with Keuning claiming they needed to get off the treadmill for a while after six years of relentless touring.

However it’s looking like the full story is a little less dramatic. ITM got on the phone with drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. shortly after the reports were published, and he was intent on hosing down any reports of an extended hiatus.

Vannucci emphasised the ‘hiatus’ was more a case of a few members of the band looking to take a bit of time off, rather than any plans to go their separate ways for 2010. “Well no, because it hasn’t happened yet and we don’t really [have any plans to take time off]. I don’t know, we’ve got a few things up our sleeves. I’m sure there will be maybe a couple months of vacation involved. But some of us will still be pretty active, while some of us more or less want a bit of a vacation.”

According to Vannucci, the band have already started work on the follow up to their 2008 album Day & Age. “Yeah, we’ve got a lot of what I like to call ‘cutting-room floor’ ideas and so on, left in the rubble from the last record.”

Stay tuned for ITM’s full-length interview with The Killers, and check out our Festival Page for loads of news, interviews and more. National dates below…

Sat 13 Feb – Centennial Park, Sydney
Sun 14 Feb – Claremont Showground, Perth
Sat 20 Feb – Parklands Showgrounds, Gold Coast
Sun 21 Feb – The Nursery, Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne

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PussehsWife said on the 19th Jan, 2010

bout time..these guys werent even good anyways.. wooo


sdaa said on the 19th Jan, 2010

you clearly didn't read the article champ.


theHordern said on the 19th Jan, 2010

wow, im 95% sure your retarded...