Diehard Depeche Mode fans star in new documentary

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Iconic electro outfit Depeche Mode must surely rank as one of the most enduring acts in modern music. Even now as their new albums rarely trouble the charts in the way they used to and young guns with a copy of Ableton can jack their style the British brooders still manage to tour the world, packing out stadium after stadium with screaming fans. With a mind to uncover exactly why Depeche Mode inspire such unflinching devotion, two Los Angeles filmmakers have put together a new documentary, The Posters Came From The Walls, focussing on the eccentric characters who’ve built lives around extreme Depeche Mode fandom.

The doco finds filmmakers Jeremy Deller and Nicholas Abrahams trekking across to share company with DM diehards from all walks of life, including Goths in England who have dedicated church services set to the band’s music, Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor, as well as Russian fans (or ‘Depechists’ as they put it) who celebrate Dave Gahan’s birthday as a holiday.

“Depeche Mode isn’t just our passion it’s our hobby,” a mother says whilst she and her family recreate the clip for Enjoy The Silence (seriously). “Other people go to the gym or do sport, our hobby is Depeche Mode.”

Exploring the dark corners of obsessive fandom is always interesting on film, and this look at DM fans looks particularly interesting. We’ll be looking out for a local screening of the doco in the future, but in the meantime check out two excerpts from The Posters Came From The Walls, one of which may or may not include an awesome big band rendition of _Personal Jesus. Just sayin’.


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polite_society said on the 29th Jan, 2010

Aw. I expected more from the big band version of personal jesus. I was thinking more big band jazz, less american preppy. Oh well. The german picnic guys made me feel a bit weird. Still, I might have to find this if they end up releasing it in consumable