Ed Banger turns seven

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That famous French label with a stranglehold on the electro scene, Ed Banger Records, is notching up another milestone, with this year marking the label’s seventh birthday. To celebrate the special occasion, the Ed Banger crew are throwing a party. How, uh, totally unlike them!

Sharing their birthday gifts with fans in the northern hemisphere (grumble grumble), the Ed Banger posse will throw a couple of seventh anniversary parties in both New York and London over the next couple of months, with the first bash going down at New York’s Terminal 5 venue on the 12th of February and London’s Coronet on the 5th of March.

Both the parties are stocked with artists from the Ed Banger including SebastiAn, Justice, Breakbot and label head himself Busy P, and the London show even gets Fake Blood and Riton to boot, making us uber jealous.

Now if they could just continue this sort of form for the rest of 2010 and release new SebastiAn and Uffie records as promised then we’ll sing happy birthday to ‘em.


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brenly said on the 29th Jan, 2010

these guys still annoying ppl with their shite music?


mather_47 said on the 29th Jan, 2010

oi brenly, send us the link to your global multi million dollar record label and ill compare them yeah?


UDiO said on the 29th Jan, 2010

Love Ed Banger records... keep going strong!


theHordern said on the 29th Jan, 2010

come back to oz justice, and bring sebastian, kavinsky, and mehdi......cheers. busy p u can fuck off. good call cody


brenly said on the 29th Jan, 2010

who gives a toss if they're a global multi million dollar record company when they play music like that.


DirtyFuzz said on the 31st Jan, 2010

^^^^^^^^ Ah that ole chestnut!!


DJBuddha said on the 1st Feb, 2010

Justice is da bomb anyone who can sign these guys automatically rocks


RenaissanceRox said on the 2nd Feb, 2010

I've got my ticket... London here I come!