Eddie Halliwell joins Liberate tour

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Back in February, inthemix announced that a host of trance guns would be teaming up for the Liberate club tour in April. With Gatecrasher star Matt Hardwick heading the first announcement alongside UK stalwart Solarstone and Holland’s Signum, it was already an enticing prospect.

Since then, Liberate has locked in another major drawcard for select dates – none other than Eddie Halliwell. With a well-earned reputation as a consummate entertainer, the man’s last visit here saw him tearing up the Summadayze, Summafieldayze and Summanights trifecta. Following his addition to the Creamfields Sydney line-up, Sean Tyas will also join the Liberate line-up at a couple of stops.

The Liberate tour stops at the following venues in April. Sean Tyas only appears in Adelaide and Brisbane. Eddie Halliwell only appears in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Fri April 16 – Billboard The Venue, Melbourne
Sat April 17 – Manning Bar, Sydney
Fri April 23 – HQ, Adelaide
Sat April 24 – Church, Planet Nightclub & Surrounds, Brisbane
Sun April 25 – Rise Nightclub, Perth


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Comment Added

docjnr said on the 16th Mar, 2010

what a fucking joke he's not at the Melbourne leg!!!!!! i know he'll be doing a seperate event in Melbourne, but for fucks sake, there's too many events/club nights on in Melbourne, and i'm limited to what i can attend! would have loved to go Liberate Me


narcism said on the 16th Mar, 2010

nice one, but there goes the international 2 hr sets :p


jadelittletia said on the 16th Mar, 2010

I cant believe Eddie's not playing Perth!!!! He promised he'd make up for not being able to do his set at Summerdayze then next time he's in Oz he completely misses us!!!!!


SteveStrangis said on the 16th Mar, 2010

docjnr: dude how could you pass up signum, solarstone and matt hardwick?


trancejunkii said on the 16th Mar, 2010

huuggeeeeee msg me for tickets to melb show $50 ;)


CKAS said on the 16th Mar, 2010

should be a sweeet night, i've been sold!


meetuinzion said on the 17th Mar, 2010

docjnr: are you retarded? how could you pass up hardwick, signum & solarstone?? i bet if this was a gods lineup you would be saying "fuck yeah i want some of that!"


trentmcdermott said on the 18th Mar, 2010

Halliwell and Tyas will have thier own Melbourne show's stay put for details :-)


jadelittletia said on the 28th Mar, 2010

I have to apologize Eddie, you didn't forget Perth :) Thanks and I'll be there at Villa!!!