Felix Da Housecat & DJ Hell bury the hatchet

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Undoubtedly one of 2009’s most well documented and borderline nuts artist beefs was between enduring German clubber DJ Hell and none other than We Love Sounds superstar Felix Da Housecat, who got into a war of words when Felix went all psycho dog man on Hell with plagiarism claims – read about the whole feud over here for some extra clarification. But when inthemix caught up with the US champ ahead of his We Love Sounds and Winter Sound System trek, Felix was happy to report that the ice had melted between him and Hell, explaining that the two buried the hatchet at the recent Winter Music Conference in Miami.

“We actually patched things up in Miami,” Felix said of his reconciliation with Hell. “It was so crazy, I had gone back to my hotel after a show to get something before going back out again and I ran into Hell in the elevator. I was like ‘woah, now way’. We squashed it though, and things are better between us now.”

Speaking about his history with DJ Hell, Felix explained that he and the German producer have “been friends since like ’91 or ’92”. “We were good friends you know? We were cool. I accused him of stealing my material that I made with Puff [Daddy/Diddy] and I called him a dick on Twitter, so I was glad to talk it out and just cut out the negativity.”

The end of his beef with Hell mirrors Felix’s fresh approach to controversy, with the producer saying that despite the publicity he’s received from that feud and his Twitter run in with Lily Allen he has already begun to scale back his online rants. “I’m slowing down to two or three a day now, it got to the point where I was doing these drunk, mescal tweets and talking crazy shit. It was just getting ridiculous so I had to slow down. My daughter and her friends are on there, man.”


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brenly said on the 16th Apr, 2010

mescal tweets hahaha. at least he's honest lol.


slatts69 said on the 16th Apr, 2010

"I had gone back to my hotel after a show to get something before going back out again" - I wonder what this might be? A giant bag of blow?