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One of the world’s most revered DJs, James Holden has revealed four Australian club shows lined up for July as part of a worldwide circuit to showcase his forthcoming entry in the DJ Kicks series.

The Border Community leader was last here in 2006 in the midst of his dual releases from that year The Idiots Are Winning and At The Controls. As ever, his DJ sets were as unpredictable as they were prodigious. The DJ Kicks tracklist reveals he hasn’t lost the ear for atmospheric techno and offbeat curveballs, so it’s time to get excited.

James Holden tour dates, according to his MySpace:

Fri 23 July – Villa, Perth
Sat 24 July – Canberra, venue TBA (day show)
Sat 24 July – Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Sun 25 July – The Likes Of You, Melbourne

DJ Kicks: James Holden tracklist:

1. Piano Magic – Wintersport / Cross-Country
2. Grackle – Disco (Musiccargo Remix)
3. Mordant Music – Olde Wobbly
4. Maserati – No More Sages
5. Caribou – Lemon Yoghourt
6. Luke Abbott – Soft Attacks
7. Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud (Holden Remix)
8. Kieran Hebden / Steve Reid – Departure
9. Ursula Bogner – Punkte
10. Eric Copeland – Auto Dimmer
11. Mit – Rauch (Luke Abbott Remix)
12. ARP – Potentialities
13. Lucky Dragons – Open Melody
14. Holden – Triangle Folds (DJ-KiCKS)
15. James Ruskin – Definition Of
16. Legowelt – Flight Of The Jupiter
17. Walls – Gaberdine
18. Lukas Nystrand – Never Fail (Vocal)
19. Didier Pacquette – Arwen, Namarie
20. SS Pyramid Snake – Catacomb City


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Comment Added

campbellt said on the 20th Apr, 2010

The question everybody is wanting to know....Can 'Likes Of You' deliver? Going off what happened at there last party here in Melbourne over Easter, there reputation has been tarnished.


JazzyJimmyJ said on the 20th Apr, 2010

what a terrible haircut


danjuan said on the 20th Apr, 2010

The Likes Of You has delivered for 3 years and will continue to do so.


daveyjaye said on the 20th Apr, 2010

is that a dishrag around his neck? looks like one of those chux things


SlicyDicer said on the 20th Apr, 2010

His hair cut kicks ass. In an ironic throw back to the hipsters kind of way.


InTheForest said on the 20th Apr, 2010

Awesomeeeeeeee and Villa EPCI NIGHT


petebb22 said on the 20th Apr, 2010

saw him last year in euro when he dropped rauch was pulling my hear out so good


thursday said on the 21st Apr, 2010

oh for GOD'S SAKE play Brisbane


boomtick said on the 21st Apr, 2010

James Holden will be playing at Ambar in Perth