Archie playing last-ever trance set at Creamfields

Image for Archie playing last-ever trance set at Creamfields

If you’re planning on catching hometown hero Archie on the Cream stage at Creamfields Sydney tomorrow, make sure you get right into his hour alongside Peewee Ferris. Talking to inthemix, the scratching whiz has revealed this will be his trance swansong.

“I’m really looking forward to playing on Saturday,” Archie told us. “Creamfields is a great gig to sign off with it in true trance style – it’s one of the most respected events in the world and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. As it’s my last trance set expect a few favourites and anthems. After ten years in the game of playing trance, I am excited about taking up a new challenge. Stay tuned for the next development exclusively on inthemix.”

Over the years, Archie has championed trance in his mix-CDs, productions and DJ sets, while also keeping up a steady sideline in breaks. We look forward to hearing what he has in store next.

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Lady Lex

Lady Lex said on the 30th Apr, 2010

Wow Arch.. where to from here?


Ethereal1 said on the 1st May, 2010

This guy doesn't play trance, he plays fucking garbage!!!


DJ_Alloy said on the 1st May, 2010

@Ethereal1 can you play like him, when you get your shit together and start dropping CDs then you can have a fucking go, untill then shut the fuck up


entrance said on the 2nd May, 2010

It will be interesting to see his new direction.


daveyac8881 said on the 2nd May, 2010

I hadn't heard of him until I saw him at Creamfields yesterday. So Bad. Like, SOOOOOO bad. Hilariously Bad. Mixed up Aussie Hip-Hop into trance. Fail


Davomaxi said on the 2nd May, 2010

Archie Rocks! Thankx for the memories mate.


matzta73 said on the 3rd May, 2010

Anyone can bring out a CD these days and give em to their mates or post it on myspace or any number of websites so that is irrelevant. The questions you need to ask these days is, are they good music producers, do they have their own radio station and tra


mandojoe said on the 3rd May, 2010

yay goo away no one will miss u archie