Australia's got crazy Kraftwerk fans

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Reality TV has contributed much to the dance music community, from giving Tila Tequila an outlet to spread her crazy, to turning Paul Oakenfold into a Hollywood crime-stopper, and potentially even leading our own Stafford Brothers to infamy. Well, we can add another treasured achievement to that list, as barrel-bottom scraping TV contest Australia’s Got Talent has catapulted a borderline crazy computer geek to notoriety with his Kraftwerk-ripping on-air performance.

The electro-aping performance was brought to our attention this morning after Australia’s Got Talent aired its second ‘semi final’ last night featuring of course the, uh, talented Elvi, performing his own composition I’m A Computer complete with a back-up performance that can’t decide if it wants to be jacking Kraftwerk’s fabled live show, a rejected Matrix sequel or “Tron guy” dress up party.

You can watch the performance for yourself in the clip below. On first watch we originally thought, ‘Oh wow, Muscles looks like shit these days!”, but having watched it an obsessive five more times we’ve come to think of it as the most awesomely unlistenable acid-glitch track in existence.

We reckon Elvi should definitely win the major prize. We’re not sure what that prize is but we’ll assume the winner gets to be hog-tied in Kyle Sandilands’ pleasure dungeon for a week. Yew!

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tylerj23 said on the 19th May, 2010

Although it is definitely a rip off of Kraftwerk, that guy is awesome. The hosts on that show are complete arse holes. If its not mainstream - its not good and we'll make fun of you; you could tell the guy thought the same thing.


i_have_ADD said on the 19th May, 2010

best thing i've seen today


theHordern said on the 19th May, 2010

fuckk kyle sandilands needs a bullet, but danni minogue is banging.that guy looks the dad of american pie


chris_b91 said on the 19th May, 2010

i agree with tyleri23, their definite assholes, but its a mainstream competition. i dont think brian has anything to make fun of after his latest single. Mainstream = shitc###s, both in judges and audience.


brenly said on the 19th May, 2010

all the young kids love this show coz the judges are just as disrespectful as they are. i hate this type of reality tv... putting ppl down for the fun of it. masterchef is the complete opp. dannii is bangin though!


SOULSIREN said on the 19th May, 2010

what the fk do those 3 monkeys know about anything? fkn princess plastic, a closet dwelling paddy douche bag and the biggest skid mark in australia's entertainment industry. Makes me sick they can make careers out of sitting on their fat self obsessed ars


rowley said on the 19th May, 2010

i hate b list celebreties thinking they know whats good and whats not... why dont they make themselves useful and go work in a fish and chips shop or something they might actually know what theyre talking about in a place like that haha


joeyheaf said on the 19th May, 2010

i actually really liked the song in a weird way good form Elvi! peace


joeyheaf said on the 19th May, 2010

it actually sorta reminds me of one of somethin mighty boosh would do


lowQuay said on the 19th May, 2010

This is the greatest thing I've seen all month!


bombayboy said on the 19th May, 2010

i thought Niche was a 5 letter word?

Lady Lex

Lady Lex said on the 19th May, 2010

bwahaha I loved his missing tooth. But for once, I am speechless. I am without speech lol


SlicyDicer said on the 19th May, 2010

I'm a fan, fuck the judges.


daveyac8881 said on the 19th May, 2010

please everyone part with their 55 cents and vote for Elvi and put him on the road to more successful careers than the judges. It can't be that hard


Digitalgrub said on the 20th May, 2010

Looks like Kraftwerk, sounds like the mighty boosh...very funny. I dare Steve Akoi to drop this tune next weekend.


lanesra23 said on the 20th May, 2010

I'm as anti-Sandilands' as anyone but this is just bad. He was surely just taking the piss, as you would if you were a contestant on this show. The people who go on this show are as bad as the people who run it.


underground_radio said on the 20th May, 2010

the think is i under stand what he was trying to do. but i don't think it come through the right way. the think not be was not one off the judges even made a point that he was try do do kraftwerk. the think the people who in radio or this postion are say


SlicyDicer said on the 21st May, 2010

underground_radio , it's thing. Not think.


hsimah said on the 18th Oct, 2010

Does no one else know that this is a Static-X song they are miming to?