Major Lazer's guide to daggering like a pro

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You’ve seen the borderline insane videos, maybe even witnessed the flesh-on-flesh antics at one of Major Lazer’s live shows over summer, but if, like us, you’re still left jaw agape and wondering just exactly how one gets involved in the bizarre Jamaican dance craze of daggering well then the sit up straight, pay attention and reinforce your junk, because Diplo and Switch’s brainchild Major Lazer is here to give you a crash course in the fine art of daggering.

Continuing the ongoing fun of their dancehall sideproject and first album as Major Lazer, Guns Don’t Kill People, Lazers Do, Diplo and Switch have released an instructional video detailing how-to moves for various daggering techniques, with the whole thing narrated by touring Major Lazer MC and agent of booty Skerrit Bwoy.

You can check the video below and expect high camp levels, with lots of ridiculous daggering manoeuvres on display – our favourite being the tutorial for The Jump Off, in which Skerrit Bwoy asserts “upon landing in the poonani, please continue to gyrate until you have died!”.

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theHordern said on the 24th May, 2010

fuckkk. my respect for diplo is diminishing very quickly. please please PLEASE leave this god awful collaboration that makes terrible music and go back to your own stuff


bussyboy said on the 25th May, 2010

Very, um, informative


cheechvda said on the 26th May, 2010

im pretty sure they (diplo & switch) are just having a bit of a fuck around doing this... ((i hope)


dragonsfire said on the 27th May, 2010

lets hope there just fuckin around!!! but "dancehall" music and daggering is starting to become very popular???