Underworld score Paul Van Dyk, Dubfire, Mark Knight and more for new LP

Image for Underworld score Paul Van Dyk, Dubfire, Mark Knight and more for new LP

Could 2010 be the year of Underworld? With the UK legends already locked in for a triumphant headline spot at the fast approaching winter festivals Winter Sound System and We Love Sounds, the Underworld duo have now announced plans to release a brand new album of new material this September. The year of Underworld? You bet it is.

Entitled Barking, the September 13th due LP will be the group’s first in three years, and it finds the duo of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith in a collaborative mood, opening up their sprawling music studio to friends and guests to add their stamp the new disc.

On board to assist Underworld on Barking are some seriously heavyweight names from all corners of the clubbing realm, including Paul Van Dyk, Mark Knight, D. Ramirez, Dubfire and of course High Contrast who lent his touch to the already released winter jam Scribble.

You can scope the tracklisting for the new record below, and with Underworld promising a completely un-scripted and on-the-fly live show this weekend, we can only hope that we’ll get an early taste of Barking in the flesh.


1.Bird 1 (additional production by Dubfire)
2.Always Loved A Film (a/p Mark Knight & D. Ramirez)
3.Scribble (a/p High Contrast)
4.Hamburg Hotel (a/p Appleblim & Al Tourettes)
5.Grace (a/p Dubfire)
6.Between Stars (a/p Mark K & D. Ramirez)
7.Diamond Jigsaw (a/p Paul van Dyk)
8.Moon In Water (a/p High Contrast)



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JackT said on the 8th Jun, 2010

Looking forward to hearing this, a lot!


theHordern said on the 8th Jun, 2010

dubfire, pvd and d ramirez?!?! jesus christ monkey balls, could be album of the yarr?


i_have_ADD said on the 8th Jun, 2010

that's some VERY diverse guests, interesting... can't wait to hear the track with appleblim!


bigstrauss said on the 8th Jun, 2010

already knew this, underworld headlining a festival should drop some of these songs


aguilare said on the 8th Jun, 2010

can't wait for this album - please make it in Vinyl


dirtyepic said on the 8th Jun, 2010

Six of those tracks are already well-known among the dirty community, having been played live or on Underworld webcasts before. Some are great (Always Loved a Film, Moon in Water), a few (like Diamond Jigsaw) are weaksauce.

Pretty excited about the Mark Knight/D. Ramirez collab - they did a tune called Downpipe last year or something, which was off the hook. It'll be interesting to hear what damage Paul van Douche can inflict on Underworld, though...


angy said on the 8th Jun, 2010

This looks HOT! And dirtyepic, be gone with your cynicism!


JackT said on the 9th Jun, 2010

dirtyepic, Always Loved A Film is the Mark Knight, D. Ramirez and Underworld collab - and yes, it sounds grand!


i_have_ADD said on the 9th Jun, 2010

haha, angy sticking up for his precious paul van dyk as always.


angy said on the 10th Jun, 2010

Leave PVD alone! :~(


slatts69 said on the 17th Aug, 2010

This is already my album of the year!! So many good tunes! Can't stop listening to it!!