James Murphy to be an honorary member of Hot Chip on tour?

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Followers of New York institution DFA Records were already sent grinning at the news that both LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip would be buddying up for some super-sized Splendour sideshows – proudly supported by inthemix, didn’t ya hear? – this winter. Though we knew both bands already had close ties to one another, that bond is apparently only going to grow on the Australian tour with Hot Chip mastermind Alexis Taylor telling inthemix that there’s some crossovers potentially on the cards.

On the phone to ITM overnight, Taylor laughed about the idea of the two groups coming together for some Polyphonic Spree-sized on-stage performances, saying “that sounds good, I think we’d probably do something like that, you know, like a big finale with everyone on stage.”

Whilst he warmed to the idea during the interview, Taylor admitted that they hadn’t planned anything of that manner just yet as the band were too busy rehearsing for the Australian tour.

“We’ve frantically been practicing for the tour because we’re coming over without Joe [Goddard] this time,” Taylor explained. “He’s about to be a father and he won’t be able to make this trip so we’re trying to figure out how we’ll do all of the songs without him. But maybe we could get James Murphy or someone else from LCD Soundsystem to join us and do all of Joe’s parts,” he said before beaming, “that’s not a bad idea actually!”

Don’t drown in your drool just yet, fanboys, Taylor still has to make it happen. “It could work really well now that I think about it, but who knows if it will happen. I’d like it to but if it doesn’t I know that I’ll have to explain it in every interview I do for the next six months…”

Stay tuned for our full interview with Hot Chip coming soon and don’t forget to hit our events page for the Hot Chip/LCD tour information.



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JackT said on the 18th Jun, 2010

Joe is totally my favourite part of the live show. Ah well, James Murphy would be worthy compensation.


i_have_ADD said on the 18th Jun, 2010

joe goddard and james murphy kindaaaaaaa look the same as well. murphy just has to grow a bit more of a beard. it's eerie.


polite_society said on the 18th Jun, 2010

Aw. Joe is my favorite member after seeing him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Still, I'm sad they aren't coming to Perth.