Jeff Mills is awesome, creates CD/Vinyl hybrid

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Renowned electronic innovator and most wanted Australian tourist Jeff Mills has been pushing the boundaries of dance music since before most of us were even in nappies, so it’s fair to wonder if there were any boundaries even left for him to nudge at. Pffft, Jeff Mills laughs at such things, proving he’s still a head-turner by unveiling his latest creation; a CD/Vinyl hybrid!

As reported by PSFK, Mills released the CD/Vinyl hybrid for The Occurrence, which is part of his recent Sleeper Wakes project, melding the analogue and digital worlds on one 7” sized disc with the vinyl on top and the CD data on the underside.

The Occurrence is a hybrid music project of Science Fiction and Techno Music,’ the bugged out press release from Axis Records trumpeted. ‘It displays the innovations of our time and space, an era of change with minds that intensely stare forward to the future…the parallel mix of vinyl and digital formats are brought forward in a unique way that gives listeners and programmers more options in which to enjoy.’

Adding this to Mills’ other startling experiment in the Sleeper Wakes project – Mills took over Tokyo’s Womb club for New Years Eve 2009 with his DJ equipment built into the floor…just check the video below! – we’ll be holding out for what he does next. We just hope he doesn’t try DJing on some iPads

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