Empire Of The Sun call The Presets dance music’s “Vegemite”

Image for Empire Of The Sun call The Presets dance music’s “Vegemite”

Remember Empire Of The Sun? The electro-nutballs lead by Luke Steele and sometimes also Nick Littlemore haven’t given ITMers too much to talk about of late with a touring commitments slowing down after a hectic summer schedule. And though we’ve missed Steele’s often-crazy rants about Jay-Z, Obama and being a single mother we just knew he wouldn’t be away for long…

Popping up at last night’s APRA Awards – that’s the Australasian Performing Right Association – in Sydney, Steele and his Empire cohort picked up two gongs for Walking On A Dream, including Breakthrough Songwriter Of The Year and Dance Work Of The Year despite the fact that tune came out waaaaay back in 2008. Go figure.

But that wasn’t the weirdest moment, as he was unable to attend the ceremony, Steele phoned in his acceptance speech from a bathtub, yes a bathtub, on the other side of the world, and whilst sitting in the tub he proceeded to have a veiled dig at other local dance music success story, The Presets.

“I don’t know why you’re giving me this award, but I’ll take it anyway…,” FasterLouder reported Steele as saying mid bubble-bath. “It’s nice to win especially against the Vegemite of Australian music – The Presets.”

Oh snap! Somebody call the hospital, we’ve got a burn victim right here! Err, at least we think that was a burn, it’s kind of hard to tell. One thing we do know though is that at least he didn’t call them ‘vanilla as fuck’!


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