Hybrid enthuse about their Australian connection

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Whether it’s as a DJ unit or in the full live mode we saw in the early days of 2007, Hybrid always leaves a strong impression down under. They’ve done both festivals and intimate club gigs to rapturous receptions, and it seems the love is mutual.

The celebrated producers have been hidden away for a while working on new album Disappear Here, but touring begins again this month with a live set at the grand dame of UK festivals, Glastonbury. When inthemix got on the phone to one half of the duo Mike Truman last week, the pressing question was of course, ‘When will it be our turn?’

“I can confirm that we will definitely be coming back very soon,” Truman told our interviewer John Salvin. “I can’t really say anything, but we are definitely, definitely coming back. I think all of our best tours have been in Australia. We have our first live show in three years in 10 days time [at Glastonbury], so we will be posting clips up from there. As soon as we can confirm it we will let you know – but we are due to come back with a full band soon!”

It turns out, too, that Hybrid enjoys it so much down under, they’ve considered settling here (they wouldn’t be bad resident DJs to have around). “We have never had a bad gig and we have meet the most fantastic people,” Truman continued. “We always leave Australia going, ‘We could just pick up your studio and move down to Melbourne’, and we have this 12-hour conversation while flying back. ‘You could just fly out of Australia every couple of months do some gigs, come back, live there.’ We have this conversation every single time.”

Read the review of Disappear Here here. Look out for the full interview with Hybrid on inthemix very soon.


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