HARD LA festival cancelled after rave crackdown

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Just a couple of weeks ago we at ITM HQ were consumed by the events over in Los Angeles, where the annual Electric Daisy Carnival got a little out of control and saw many punters seriously injured and one underage girl die from a suspected drug overdose. Although things have quietened down since then the impact of the EDC shit-storm, as we’re calling it, is evidently still being felt with news coming out that this weekend’s HARD LA festival has now been cancelled.

The news comes via The Daily Swarm who refer to a piece from Pop & Hiss stating that the M.I.A. headlined festival, due to go down this Saturday July 17th, has been called off because of “security concerns” in the wake of the EDC drama.

“Documents from sources connected to a number of the acts scheduled to perform at the July 17 concert indicate that the promoters behind HARD LA have canceled the show in light of the new scrutiny and logistics demanded of large-scale electronic music concerts in Los Angeles…,” the piece asserted.

Festival promoters don’t specifically point the blame at the debacle that spilled out of the recent EDC festival though, issuing a statement on the HARD homepage saying that they’ve cancelled the festival to focus on their next event, HARD Summer Music Festival, in August.

“HARD LA M.I.A. this Saturday July 17th has been cancelled, but not due to the lack of support or the full approval from the personnel at the City of Los Angeles and California State Parks who have signed off on our comprehensive security plan. We have decided to instead produce one massive event on August 7th at the same amazing location, the Los Angeles State Historic Park in Downtown Los Angeles.”

While LA punters will miss out on M.I.A., N.E.R.D, Switch, Flying Lotus and a whole slew of other big dance acts this weekend, tickets purchased are valid for HARD Summer and promoters are also putting on a one-off show with South African freak-squad Die Antwoord this weekend. Fook yeah.


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