'We No Speak Americano' nabs UK #1 spot

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Forgive us for this, but we’ve come down with a serious case of the warm and fuzzy’s. Can you blame us, though? It’s not everyday that a coupling of talented young producers from the local scene make a track that explodes so amazingly that it not only scales the charts in countries around the world, but it actually takes out the coveted #1 spot in a bunch of foreign territories including ol’ blighty, Britain!

The track is of course We No Speak Americano from the combined minds of Sweat It Out golden boys Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP, and after getting smashed to death by Australian DJs, it has taken dominion of overseas clubs and radios, sending the young Sydney producers to unlikely superstardom.

As well as beating off Eminem and Katy Perry – great choice of words, yeah? – to score the #1 position on the UK singles chart this week, We No Speak Americano has steamrolled through Europe, going to #1 in Sweden, Ireland, Luxemberg, Denmark, Spain, Holland, Russia and Germany.

The Yolanda Be Cool lads were in Europe recently as American fever took hold and no doubt their incoming inthemix tour diary should show off a lot of high-flying party antics. Look out for that on ITM soon and check out the new clip for the big single below. A round of applause!

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