Homebake taking a year off in 2010

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Sydney’s long-standing all-local festival Homebake won’t be happening in 2010, a move that is sure to surprise its many eager followers. A statement from the organisers has just been published outlining the reasons for its postponement.

“As we’ve not been able to have the ‘planets align’ to a standard we feel appropriate to the long standing reputation of Australia’s largest ‘locals only’ event,” it reads, “we’d rather focus on a positive future and are instead planning for a unique return version of Homebake Festival to take place during the first week of December 2011.”

Last year was the 15th anniversary of Homebake, and the line-up boasted Midnight Juggernauts, Hilltop Hoods, Decoder Ring and The Aston Shuffle. It’s set to return ‘bigger and better’ in the first weekend of December 2011.



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daverh said on the 25th Aug, 2010

Interesting development. I personally don't have a problem with festivals taking a break. But somebody really needs to book Flight of the Conchords for a festival set already.


theHordern said on the 25th Aug, 2010

yes. fucking NEED flight of the conchords


vinh_ said on the 25th Aug, 2010

Think about all the aussie talent on a Summers day having to wait a whole year.

benn J

benn J said on the 26th Aug, 2010

super gay... homebake is such an awesome day to bring on the summer!


mischa21 said on the 31st Aug, 2010

massive boo. we should get rid of a few other festivals and support this one. market saturated!