Muscles returns, aptly ‘Younger & Immature’

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While pretty much everybody thought we’d seen the last of Muscles when the electro troublemaker went off the rails and started bashing his record label Modular back in the summer of 2008. But having spent some (evidently therapeutic) time off in the wilderness making beats, playing acoustic shows and crafting tin-foil hats to keep the government out of his thoughts, Muscles is finally back!

The news of Muscles’ grand return to our stereos comes from a Universal press statement, announcing that on October 29th we’ll be hearing the first release of new Muscles material since Guns Babes Lemonade debuted in 2007. Easing us back into the Muscles mindframe, the release will be of a new EP from the one-man band, aptly entitled Younger & Immature, and is described as a melting pot of “deep techno swirls”, “driving beats” and “classic pop”. Yep, that sounds suitably insane.

Check out the full tracklisting for the EP below and click over to the All About Muscles page and become a fan…if you dare. No word on tour dates in support of the EP but we know that Muscles will be at the Fat As Butter with Ice Cube so you can probably expect to see him running rampant over the summer ahead.

Muscles – Younger & Immature EP tracklisting:

1. Forever
2. Girl Crazy Go
3. Love Struck
4. Beat The Rush
5. Northern Beaches


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cozza147 said on the 7th Sep, 2010

heard his latest monstrosity on triple j the other night. was hoping he would never come back


Villephant said on the 7th Sep, 2010

is that the only photo they have of him?

special ed

special ed said on the 7th Sep, 2010

the pot plant on my front porch has more talent than him. he really is an embarrassment to aussie dance music


GoodLove said on the 7th Sep, 2010

icecream, is gonna save..... well not his credibility obviously.

Coco Shambles

Coco Shambles said on the 13th Sep, 2010

New track is awesome! what is wrong with you people!! You should check out the film clip that goes along with it! Viva Muscles!!


joshdedd said on the 14th Sep, 2010

Hear hear Coco, The song is fucking amazing and people should give the guy a chance. At least check out the vid and track! Comeback of the year?