Go bush this November at Shine On Festival

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If the wait until Rainbow Serpent Festival is too much to take, the minds behind that annual camp-out will stage the first Shine On Festival this November. The three-day event runs from 26 to 28 November in the Pyrenees Ranges in Western Victoria, and like Rainbow Serpent it’s a real musical melting pot.

Kiwi collective Fat Freddy’s Drop will headline alongside fellow soul and funk players Blue King Brown and Sola Rosa. On the electronic front, Shine On boasts Swedish production masters Minilogue, whose ambient, atmospheric work on Mule Electronic and Cocoon will be something to behold in the open air. They’re joined by driving four-four specialists Pig & Dan, Minilogue’s psychedelic trance project Son Kite and plenty more from home and abroad.

Shine On Festival runs from November 26 to 28 in the Pyrenees Ranges in Western Victoria.

Fat Freddy’s Drop
Blue King Brown
Sola Rosa
Son Kite
Phony Orphants
Pig & Dan
Weekend Heroes
That 1 Guy
Tijuana Cartel
Mista Savona
Scientists of Modern Music
Ill Gates
Fyah Walk
Ganga Giri
Chocolate Strings
DJ Emok
Sun Control Species
Barons of Tang
Jamie Stevens
Cumbia Cosmonaughts
Gavin Martin
Paul Abad
Charles Baby
Dub the Magic Dragon


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