Yolanda Be Cool responds to bizarre German TV debut

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The snow-balling success of Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP’s We No Speak Americano continues to exceed expectation, with the club cut going #1 across Europe and even earning the seal of approval from the cast of Jersey Shore. Closer to home, Americano easily claimed the Favourite Track/Remix crown in the 2010 inthemix50 with a mass of votes.

However, you really know you’ve crossed over when your track is besieged by German TV for a lip-synched ‘performance’ by a bunch of actors. After marvelling at the baffling clip from variety show The Dome earlier this month, we just had to find out what the hell was going on.

“They wanted us to perform the track and we said no way,” the Yolanda boys told inthemix. “They came up with the idea of the band and again, we said no way. But they tried very hard to convince us, including the general manager of the label flying to Helsinki where we were playing to try again.

“In the end, we said that if they did something along the lines of the Duck Sauce video for Anyway, we would be okay with it. And it had to be clear it was not us or DCUP . We don’t speak German, so not sure it came across that way, but fingers crossed…”

Needless to say, when Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP team up for their Parklife shows in coming weeks, don’t expect hammy dancing and playback tracks. “We thought it could look a bit boring watching three guys wait for their turn to mix, so we are getting a little bit nerdy and incorporating a drum machine and sampler to make things more interesting. We have lots of special edits and some new stuff as well, so it should be fun.”

Here’s We No Speak Americano, Euro-style, again…

So, did The Dome take heed of the suggestion to make it like the Duck Sauce video for Anyway?

Jersey Shore approves.



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ravelikespastic said on the 20th Sep, 2010

WTF? Those Jersey shore fellas should be shot.


i_have_ADD said on the 20th Sep, 2010

it must be such an odd feeling to have something you made/created get so out of control that it takes on a life of its own like this. dont know if it would be 'good' odd, or 'bad' odd!


daverh said on the 20th Sep, 2010

Bein' a guido's a way o' lifffe! Beat that beat up!


Purpose said on the 20th Sep, 2010

As much as I hate those guido's, they look like they're having fun


SlicyDicer said on the 20th Sep, 2010

Agreed ADD, it would be surreal.


Matty_neal said on the 21st Sep, 2010

If that was my track I'd totally just sell out on it for the money and then make music I actually like haha


Marky said on the 21st Sep, 2010

that jersey dudes hair is gonna give me nightmares.


RenaissanceRox said on the 25th Sep, 2010

I live in Germany. There is no escape from this track. And I don't even go out here. You hear it when cars go past, you hear it on the radio daily, you hear it on tv in the background of primetime programming... It's insanity.