heats up for the festival season

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Spring has sprung, and it’s hard to avoid the ever-mounting list of big events on their way to us. Before long it’ll be summer, and those weekends will really get crowded. During the winter lull, has been hibernating and refuelling, but this month it returned in a big way. We’ve got two brand new episodes now online to welcome the party season.

Episode 38 comes from the 2010 inthemix50 Awards Night in Sydney, which saw Canberra good-things The Aston Shuffle crowned Australia’s new #1. It was also a chance for DJs, producers and industry types to get together, celebrate homegrown talent, and secure themselves a sore head for the next working day. As ever, was there to capture the highlights and debrief with the winners.

Only a couple of days later, was dispatched to the gargantuan Defqon.1 festival at Sydney International Regatta Centre. Once again, the event was a triumph of sensory overload. From the formidable sound-systems built for hard dance to the epic levels of production, it’s unlike anything else in Australia. Episode 39 transports you to the party island, and it’s not for the faint-hearted!

As we rush towards summer, check out the two brand new episodes. There’ll be plenty more where this came from.

38 – 2010 inthemix50 Awards Night

39 – Defqon.1 Australia, 2010

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