música announces exclusive after-party

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The forthcoming edition of música is set to be a special one, and the good news just keeps getting better. With the party proper winding up at 2am, the música afters will pick up where The Forum left off.

Getting going from 3am at the intimate Hotel Sweeney’s Rooftop in the city, the música afters will wind up ‘when the last person leaves’. The only way to gain entry is to be wearing your música wristband and signing up here beforehand. Otherwise, inthemix is giving away a double pass to the event and the afters – so get entering.

Taking charge of the morning session are local luminaries Alex Taylor, Tim C and Robbie Lowe, with sets from ‘most’ of the international acts. In case you missed it somehow, the música line-up includes Satoshi Tomiie, Guy J, Marc Marzenit and King Unique, any of whom would go down a treat at a kick-on.

Enter the música competition on inthemix now.



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Dexter Ramone

Dexter Ramone said on the 27th Sep, 2010

That's pretty mad. Satoshi Tomiie on Sweeneys rooftop sounds worth it.


sd88me said on the 27th Sep, 2010

this sounds wicccckkked. cant wait

benn J

benn J said on the 29th Sep, 2010

im bringin my spare pair of legs so when i get tired from dancing at 2am ill quickly switch legs n be ready to rock until the sun comes up


jetgrrl said on the 8th Oct, 2010

sweeneys! my fave rooftop in the whole city! Musica you are the best