Awesome: One-armed South African DJ does 60-hour set

Image for Awesome: One-armed South African DJ does 60-hour set

Just a week after the Guinness World Records crew honoured British radio mainstay Annie Nightingale for her long-running career as a DJ, another eager deck-hand has made a play for the pages of the record books by playing a marathon 60-hour gig.

As reported by The Telegraph, South African DJ Black Coffee – aka Nkosinathi Maphumulo – completed an epic 60-hour set over the weekend at a charity event in Johannesburg with hopes that footage from the event will land him a spot in the record books.

While some fishing around sets the current record for the longest ever DJ set at the 100+ hours mark, where Black Coffee has a chance at his place in history is with a sub-category of the record as the DJ is in fact one-armed.

According to the news report, Black Coffee was allowed 20 minutes of rest every four hours during the stretched-out set but shook off fatigue to play the last 15 hours of his mix straight.

“I stayed strong. The music kept me going. I’m going to be a better DJ as I was doing it for a greater reason,” the DJ said, explaining that if anything he hopes his marathon set will boost his charity organization The Black Coffee Foundation to help people affected by disability. “At some stage I held back tears.”
Check out an interview with Black Coffee from earlier in the year in the clip below as well as some footage of the man in action.


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pomrocks said on the 29th Sep, 2010

fuck me, he really would have needed a lot of black coffee to stay awake that long


P337 said on the 29th Sep, 2010

Just youtubed some of his stuff. Kinda like it, even if it is house.

Elliot G

Elliot G said on the 29th Sep, 2010

and people think armin belting out 9 hours (with two arms) is something special


deepsonido said on the 29th Sep, 2010

sounds like an older version of culoe de song


sizmos said on the 29th Sep, 2010

he is actually really good... the dj's we have in sydney cant even play that good with 2 arms


NewjackThe2nd said on the 4th Jun, 2012

looks like a great idea


FreeWeekend said on the 4th Jun, 2012

hes some kind of one armed monster