Kanye West jacks Aphex Twin next

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Having previously borrowed beats from dance luminaries like Santigold and of course Daft Punk, enigmatic US rapper Kanye West is making further moves into clubbing culture, sampling a 2001 Aphex Twin song for a new joint that may or may not make the rap star’s forthcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy record.

Before getting too worried that Kanye has twisted and compressed something iconic from the Aphex Twin catalogue like Windowlicker or Come To Daddy, the John Legend assisted tune called Blame Game actually lifts the piano line from Avril 14th off of the Drukqs double album.

The ITM editorial staff heard a snippet of the tune just last night when Mr West jetted into Sydney on an avalanche of hype to promote his new record and its accompanying 40-minute movie, Runaway, which, no joke, is the story of West becoming lovers with a feather-boob’d Phoenix that crashes to earth.

As insane as the film was, the Q&A with Kanye afterwards was incredibly awesome, with ‘Ye talking for nearly an hour about the film, his album, getting rid of his mobile phone and “throwing a Molotov cocktail” on his career last year.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is set to be released over here on November 22nd, and having heard a few of the album cuts premiered in the film – including the opener produced by RZA and likely next single All Of The Lights – it’s got us excited in the way we were when The College Dropout came out and made it big. While there’s no traces of Blame Game online just yet, the original Aphex track was previously sampled in a rap track, namely in Iran So Far by Saturday Night Live pants jizzers, The Lonely Island. Check out a terribly rough clip of that tune below.


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