Diplo on M.I.A. – “She’s a psycho f*cking bitch”

Image for Diplo on M.I.A. – “She’s a psycho f*cking bitch”

Once partners both in and out of the studio, it’s been equally disturbing and entertaining to watch the relationship of M.I.A. and frequent producer Diplo deteriorate recently. Having most recently slammed the UK rapper’s latest record as ‘a turd’, Diplo today took another shot at M.I.A. in an interview with inthemix.

Speaking to ITM ahead of his summer trip to Australia for the Sterosonic festival, Diplo let loose at his – we guess former – collaborator, going as far as to call M.I.A. a ‘psycho fucking bitch’.

“If I think about it back then, nobody wanted to work with me. When M.I.A. first came up she was a nobody, but I didn’t think about how much money I could get from her or what was the most clever thing I could do at that moment, I thought that she was a really cool girl and I wanted to help her do some music,” Diplo told inthemix. “Y’know, then she totally sucked and she’s a crazy psycho fucking bitch now, but back when I met her I was excited about it.”

The harsh words come on the back of another altercation between the two from the other day when Diplo responded to the online release of a new M.I.A. tune, Bedroomtothehallwaytotheroadtotheworld, by tweeting at the rapper “@_m_i_a please stop leaking the songs you didnt pay me for… [sic]”.



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trAse said on the 19th Oct, 2010

Diplo has red hair, no wonder MIA hates him so much.


Yasoda said on the 19th Oct, 2010

a new low for ITM..


markmarkmark said on the 19th Oct, 2010

I'm not one to vent my negativity on these boards but MIA is a fucking little whore.


idrop said on the 20th Oct, 2010

got to agree with yasoda, im thinking publicity stunt too, generates chatter on boards like this months after both their albums have been released,


lucky87 said on the 20th Oct, 2010

That's not very nice...