All-star line-up for Strawberry Fields after-party

Image for All-star line-up for Strawberry Fields after-party

Don’t think you’ll be sated by four days of madness at Strawberry Fields Festival? Well, the following weekend sees the official ‘after-party’ take over the entire Brown Alley complex with a festival-worthy line-up of DJs.

A combined effort between Strawberry Fields and Darkbeat, it’s headed up by the ‘Kompakt 4’: Michael Mayer, Dominik Eulberg, Boris Brejcha and Tobias Thomas. If that’s not enough to get your head around, there’s also Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Gabe and an assortment of top-shelf locals like Phil K, Jamie Stevens and Child live. A hefty second line-up has also been promised, so it looks like you’re in for a knockout start to summer.

The Strawberry Fields official after-party happens at Brown Alley on Friday 3 December.

Michael Mayer (Kompakt, Germany)
Dominik Eulberg (Kompakt, Germany)
Boris Brejcha (Kompakt, Germany)
Tobias Thomas (Kompakt, Germany)
Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Mad Skippers, Japan)
Gabe (Sprout, Brazil)
Child LIVE
Steve Ward
Jamie Stevens
Rollin Connection
Phil K
Gavin Keitel
Mike Callander
Lister Cooray
AlamBryce Lawrence
My Friend Samuel