Harbourlife Gold Coast gets ‘postponed’

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Regarded by Sydney punters as the annual kick-off for the summer season, this year’s Harbourlife festival was set to migrate up north with an off-shoot festival announced for the Gold Coast on the last weekend of November.

Those plans have now been dashed according to event promoters Fuzzy, who spoke to ITM today about the festival’s disappearance from the events company’s calendar.

On the phone to ITM today, a Fuzzy representative confirmed that the Gold Coast debut of Harbourlife would not be going ahead this year, saying that it had been ‘postponed’ into 2011 due to a ‘complex number of deciding factors’.

The long and short of it is that any Queensland kids looking to buy tickets should stop searching, because it’s not happening. Meanwhile all those punters who had already purchased tickets to the festival have now been issued a full refund and will reportedly have first dibs when a 2011 date is confirmed.

The Sydney festival is unaffected by this postponement, so it’s all-aboard to November 20th with The Temper Trap, Metronomy, Knightlife and Yacht Club DJs.



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pomrocks said on the 27th Oct, 2010

complex number of deciding factors = lack of interest?


dn-ul said on the 27th Oct, 2010

i dont understan the interest in the sydney one. unless its like $15 or something


Mickstah said on the 27th Oct, 2010

Here's the not-so-complex deciding factor - Temper Trap!Wtf were Fuzzy thinking? Put on a big house DJ, sell the show instantly, make lots of cash.


jackles said on the 27th Oct, 2010

deciding factors being people deciding not to buy ticketsawesome gig that has been absolutely ass-fucked by a decent lineup in recent years


tylerj23 said on the 27th Oct, 2010

haha, pretty straight forward as everyone has mentioned. Super average lineup = poor ticket sales = cancelling the event. Fuzzy - improve the lineup = sell lots of tickets = make lots of cash. Pretty straight forward.


Whitey1981 said on the 27th Oct, 2010

To cut a long story short, I didn't buy tickets.


fatman1234 said on the 27th Oct, 2010

Tickets still on sale to Sydney after almost a week and a ballot. Fuzzy will have to learn, Harbourlife is suited to deep/soulful house in the arvo with a cheesy last set to close.


noelw14 said on the 27th Oct, 2010

Whenever the contract is up please for fuck sake someone else get it.. I really hope they go bust..


theHordern said on the 27th Oct, 2010

bound to appen,and i actually like the tt


damdamodam said on the 28th Oct, 2010

Metronomy sideshow 2nd release $38 means to see TT is around $99 ...!! many fond memories from Harbourlife, especially when it was $60 with Sandy Riveria..!