Timmy Trumpet’s own fashion line: ‘Wifebeaterz’

Image for Timmy Trumpet’s own fashion line: ‘Wifebeaterz’

Now adding seamstress to his overflowing list of achievements including digital horn blower and recent top ten debutant in the 2010 inthemix50, workhorse Sydney DJ Timmy Trumpet has begun the next phase in his brassy empire, opening a new line of clothing.

Bearing the hilarious name of Wifebeaterz Timmy Trumpet’s fashion label will release only the finest garments in the field of oversized singlets, as you might’ve seen on the man himself at one of his weekly gigs around the traps.

“We originally came up with the idea [for Wifebeaterz] but we couldn’t find any long singlets,” Timmy said of the clothing line’s launch in 3D World before adding his fashion mantra of “be different…but not too different”.

While a look at wifebeaterz.com.au reveals the unfortunate reality that these outfits aren’t available to the public just yet, word is that you can expect your XXL singlets to be ready in December for the summer ahead.


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