Trentemøller's evolved live show

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As any fan will tell you, a DJ set from Trentemøller just doesn’t compare to the full live experience. The Danish virtuoso is returning to Australia this New Years period with band in tow, and these are set to be the most ambitious shows he’s staged here. In order to bring his most recent album Into The Great Wide Yonder to life, Trentemøller sought out players who could do it justice.

The set-up we’ll witness on our festival stages this summer sees the frontman joined by a cast of five musicians on keys, guitar, bass, drums and vocals. While Into The Great Wide Yonder is largely a brooding affair, early reports from European shows suggest the songs are given a dancefloor pulse more in line with his landmark debut The Last Resort.

If you want to know how it all comes together on-stage, look no further than the remarkable video for Trentemøller’s latest single, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!. The live footage was captured on the main-stage at the Roskilde festival in Denmark last summer.

As you can see, Trentemøller is a superstar in his home country, allowing for an elaborate light show and a fleet of dancers. The performance is suitably exhilarating – and while the scale of the shows will be a lot smaller here, you can expect them to be just as tingly…

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Marky said on the 26th Nov, 2010

Theremin... awesome.Trentemoller live show was amazing back in 2007,,, among the best live acts I'd seen. This looks epic.


Weinertron said on the 26th Nov, 2010

I sincerely hope he'll be doing a non-festival slot at some point!


libby said on the 26th Nov, 2010

he IS such a legend in Denmark. Seeing 15-20K people cram into a tent to watch their hometown hero was amazing!


rancho said on the 26th Nov, 2010

cannot fucking wait.


bigeazy said on the 26th Nov, 2010

Needs a sideshow, big time.


webgott said on the 26th Nov, 2010

Need sideshow on 4 Jan or later in Sydney. Was epic with band back in 2007 at the Gaelic

ben russell

ben russell said on the 26th Nov, 2010

Melbourne sideshow or stfu


sknight186 said on the 26th Nov, 2010

Peats Ridge NYE, perfect!


stubs said on the 26th Nov, 2010

woah epic computer i was saying, this guy is an absolute genius! His live show last time around was phenomenal. I personally cannot wait for this, bring on Peats Ridge. The Mash and the Fury FTW


donkeydrop said on the 26th Nov, 2010

2007 was senssssational!!! side gig please!