Creamfields 2011 headliner revealed!

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Was one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2011 to see Canadian dude Deadmau5 and his epic, expansive and extraordinary new live show? Well that’s one resolution you won’t have to casually forget about as inthemix can now exclusively reveal that Deadmau5 will be in Australia next year to headline the 2011 Creamfields festival tour! Win!

As guessed by many curious readers in ITM’s teaser piece earlier this week, Deadmau5 will be the main attraction of the Creamfields national tour next year, bringing his LED Mau5head and jaw-dropping new live setup out to Australia for the first time.

Deadmau5’s headline spot backs up the words of Creamfields promoters Totem and Onelove who promised that the 2011 incarnation of the festival will be assembling some of the “world’s best acts” with “larger stages and epic production” to boot. Sounds tasty.

The festival organisers also slipped inthemix some details about the national tour, including a new venue for Brisbane and a special Planet Cream excursion planned for Adelaide punters.

There’ll be more details forthcoming about who else is on the lineup and you’ll be able to see ‘em first here on inthemix, but for now check out the national Creamfields tour dates below and get brushed up on just how special the new Deadmau5 live show looks in these embedded galleries.

Creamfields 2011 festival tour dates:

Friday April 22nd – Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide – Planet Cream
Saturday April 23rd – Claremont Showgrounds, Perth
Monday April 25th – Melbourne Showgrounds, Melbourne (Public Holiday Monday/Tuesday)
Tues April 26th – AIS Arena, Canberra – Warehouse
Saturday April 30th – Showring & Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Sunday May 1st – RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (Public Holiday Eve)


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DJ DUKE DOOM said on the 30th Dec, 2010



DeJaN27 said on the 30th Dec, 2010

mau5 is great but I was expecting SHM..


i_have_ADD said on the 30th Dec, 2010

so awesome, the new show looks spectacular. can't wait to see this!!


johnbiggs said on the 30th Dec, 2010

dude all these festivals just keep bringing the same garbage out here


chrisspiers said on the 30th Dec, 2010

@johnbiggs Then maybe you should run your own festivals and you can bring down whoever you like. :)


tylerj23 said on the 30th Dec, 2010

His set at stereosonic 2009 was boring as piss. He was much better @ Family in '09 after Good Vibes...


daverh said on the 30th Dec, 2010

The new live show will be off tits!


tkotk said on the 30th Dec, 2010

His new live show looks absolutely insane. Hoepfully brings Skrillex with him


gkcarmichael said on the 31st Dec, 2010

BRISBANE - Public Holiday EVE show is Gonna ROCK!!!!


libby said on the 31st Dec, 2010

love the pics from the new show!


daverh said on the 31st Dec, 2010

Skrillex could definitely happen, I reckon.


Mike-O-Sito said on the 31st Dec, 2010

WOOOOOOOOO!!! The perfect reason not to go!


MOdMac said on the 31st Dec, 2010

Should be an awesome show.


gawgstarr said on the 31st Dec, 2010

skrillex hangs of deadmau5's dick like it was the last ever ice cream in the world of course he'll be here


nickyg1991 said on the 31st Dec, 2010

is creamfields coming to adelaide??? and in the adelaide entertainment centre?? wtf


polite_society said on the 31st Dec, 2010

Predictable, but the new setup looks interesting, and hopefully alone he'll bring the numbers, and the creamfields guys can focus on filling the rest of the lineup with something a bit more interesting.


bigstrauss said on the 31st Dec, 2010

please have him indoors, none of these shit outdoor stages where you cant hear the music


bigstrauss said on the 31st Dec, 2010

and PLEASE bring skrillex


johnbiggs said on the 31st Dec, 2010

no chriss i want the festival organiser to get with the times.


elryo said on the 31st Dec, 2010

fuck yes i'll be there


daveyac8881 said on the 31st Dec, 2010

Already a massive improvement on 2010 lineup (not including ferry)... but still, meh


eddy96 said on the 31st Dec, 2010

saw deadmau5 in london a few weeks back... fucking incredible

essential selection

essential selection said on the 31st Dec, 2010

saw the mau5 play for 4 hrs to close his Cream residency at Amnesia this year. Not the greatest fan but it was huge. Somehow the crowd was wrapped round his fingers including when he played his FML dubstep stuff. Love him or hate him it works. somehow


vivaldi said on the 1st Jan, 2011

Love deadmau5 but i saw his show at stereo 09.. setup and lighting was boring his song choices were shocking. Not too sure if im keen on seeing him play live again but these fotos makes me reconsider


Wowk said on the 2nd Jan, 2011

Skrillex is terrible :-/


lawlietskyy said on the 2nd Jan, 2011

yay sheepmau5 is coming to play sheepstep!


connections said on the 3rd Jan, 2011

he is shitter every time I see him, saw him at Laundry was good then saw at Stereo was crap x 100


ravelikespastic said on the 3rd Jan, 2011

Is creamfields really running agian this year?


meow_girrrl said on the 4th Jan, 2011

Yes!! Get off a plane from Japan and jump straight into a festival!


nickgalea said on the 4th Jan, 2011

creamfields will see filo and peri. i saw them in vegas and they mention they would be coming to creamfields australia


smiley07 said on the 5th Jan, 2011

Cant wait.Great line up.Thanks.xoo


frangahouselover said on the 5th Jan, 2011

when will full lineup be revealed?


lawrahhhmck said on the 12th Jan, 2011

ummmmmm Adelaide on Good Friday?! have they got a special license, otherwise isn't that illegal?!


Nicktherussian said on the 14th Jan, 2011

Meh. Just a commercial headliner to get people to buy tickets just because they hear his stuff on nova along side tiestos stuff. Not really diggin' the 4x4=12 album and sort of got over his sound, so not expecting a fabulous set...


MitchhctiM said on the 18th Jan, 2011

Skrillex is not playing.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams said on the 18th Jan, 2011

Why dont you guys just for once in your life watch a festival filmed in london or south africa or something and get yourselves so god dam proper ideas on how to throw an insane party, cause quite honestly australian festivals have got a lot of work to be done... Every single one i have been to has been below standard... And i keep finding myself going just to see if the next one is a little better then the first... But it never changes... Come on Australia... show the world that we know how to put on a festival... Take a chance... Get new acts... even if not they not commercial and not everyone know about them... Trust me the numbers will come and people will finally get educated on what the dance scene is all about...


hurley18 said on the 25th Jan, 2011

where are the set times brah?


Prok said on the 4th Feb, 2011

When should we expect the rest of the lineup?


wherescarmin said on the 4th Feb, 2011

someone told me that this might be getting cancelled?
havent heard much about it other than the deadmau5 headline, maybe that rumour is true?


Ruskhouse said on the 7th Feb, 2011

jason williams. gobble up a dick you troll


fullnorris said on the 7th Feb, 2011

i just hope they bring some real techno out.. future kinda do it with the 'likes of you' tent.. but there are so much more great acts out there to kill it in oz.... but dont get me wrong im jumping out of my skin to see the plastikman show!! cant wait!