Guy Gerber making an album with…Diddy?

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Since Britney Spears can do dubstep with the help of Rusko and other prominent dance luminaries then surely it makes some sort of warped sense that rap mogul Diddy can make an album with none other than Guy Gerber. Well, Diddy is an Ibiza legend after all…

The news comes direct from Gerber himself with the Cocoon regular telling Pulse Radio that he’s been spending endless hours in the studio wrapping up an album with Diddy. A full album, no less.

“I’ve just finished a project that I’ve been working on with Puff Daddy, it will be my main album for next year.” Gerber explained of the partnership. “As a musician I believe in evolution rather than just doing one particular thing.”

Part of that ‘evolution’ will see the oddball pairing of Gerber and Puffy explore new territory for both parties, with Gerber saying that it’ll be “very different” from his previous works.
“The album is going be more electronic music, but more indie oriented… not that clubby,” Gerber said.

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