MSTRKRFT say electro is ‘ruined’, record Mortal Kombat soundtrack

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Canadian electro forefathers MSTRKRFT have always been outspoken of the scene they helped create in the mid ‘noughties – are we still calling it that? – previously spilling to ITM about the backlash that met their 2009 LP Fist Of God with all its electro-rap hybrids. Now one half of the duo, Jesse F. Keeler, has given his state of the electro union, saying that it has been ‘ruined’ by and the bandwagon-jumping pop crowd.

“Six years ago, it was us, Justice, Boys Noize, Simian Mobile Disco and Digitalism,” Keeler said of the electro innovators in an interview with Seattle’s 107.7. “And now it’s…the music du jour and everyone’s doing it. It’s at the point where the whole style has become so ruined…if I was a 13 year old kid now, and I was looking for what was cool, I would look at electro and I would see The Black Eyed Peas and I would think this is the last thing I want to be involved with; this is not cool at all.”

Explaining that MSTRKRFT had “watched dance music react to that without saying anything”, Keeler revealed that the next MSTRKFT album will be the duo’s statement in the face of the electro mushroom cloud.

“The second record, Fist Of God, was where we thought things were going, and record number three is sort of…where we think things should go,” he began. “We looked at the scene and it seemed very disjointed, it seemed like… a cat falling down a well scratching at whatever it could trying to hold on. And we just decided we’d make the record that we thought should exist in the midst of all the confusion. It’s our Led Zeppelin III, it’s the record people will either like or hate.”

As well as offering the first glimpses of LP3 for MSTRKRFT, Keeler also explained that the duo had been tapped to produce an original soundtrack for the next installment of the Mortal Kombat video game franchise with Keeler’s Teenage Riot artist stable.

“Someone approached our record label to do the soundtrack for the whole thing,” Keeler confirmed. “Originally the Mortal Kombat music was techno, and I’ve learned since that it introduced a lot of kids to the music so we were excited. It’s funny because video games are the only thing that people buy anymore, so to do the soundtrack for the whole game was pretty exciting. We have a ridiculous roster of people on it. I actually just finished up my song for it, Scorpion’s Theme.”

If it is indeed a Teenage Riot joint then expect the next MK game to be bundled with tunes from JFK, Blende, Hostage and whatever other famous friends are available. Until then enjoy some classic old Mortal Kombat cuts below.

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