Richie Hawtin to be “more edgy” as a DJ in 2011

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When inthemix spoke to techno game-changer Richie Hawtin earlier this month, he was only just “getting back into the talking habit” after six weeks off from DJing and touring. The next stop on his international itinerary is of course Future Music Festival, where he’ll bring his exacting Plastikman Live show to The Likes Of You tent.

After Australia, though, Hawtin will be returning to life as one of the ‘Greatest DJs Of All Time’. He’s jetting straight from here to the Winter Music Conference in Miami, before his date with Time Warp, the German mega-rave where he unveiled Plastikman Live in 2010. Given his reputation for ahead-of-the-curve DJing, fans are surely wondering what direction Hawtin will head in this year.

“I’m in Canada right now working on redoing my DJ set-up, just checking out new equipment,” Hawtin told inthemix. “I didn’t do that last year, because of Plastikman. So the DJing had to be pushed to the side a bit.

“I would like my DJ sets to be more dynamic than they were last year,” he continued. “Also perhaps a little more – I don’t want to say experimental, because I don’t really consider my DJ sets experimental – but maybe a little more edgy.”

Hawtin is joined on the Future Music Festival by his long-time offsider Sven Väth, whose devotion to DJing on vinyl is legendary. “I still consider two turntables and a mixer to be my instrument – for 30 years already, and nothing should change about that,” Väth writes in his recent ‘mission statement’. You have to wonder what Hawtin makes of this reverence for vinyl, particularly amongst younger DJs.

“I don’t know what these crazy people are doing. You know, if they want to celebrate something like that…I’m not invited to that party, and quite frankly I don’t want to go to that party,” Hawtin laughs. “I always get myself into trouble when people ask me about this shit. I’m openly harder about it than I actually am. I love vinyl, but I spent 20 years doing that.

“I want to play music and I want to play it to the best of my abilities. I want to mix it and do weird things. With the computers and the systems I use now, I can go beyond what can be done on vinyl. I love it.”

Richie Hawtin brings Plastikman Live to The Likes Of You tent at Future Music Festival.


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danjuan said on the 15th Feb, 2011

Hawtin has been an innovator for years and will continue to push the boundaries of both music and technology! look forward to seeing what he does.


daverh said on the 15th Feb, 2011

He's always seemed pretty edgy already. I'm anticipating an alt-country album then.


angy said on the 15th Feb, 2011

On ya Richie! Don't personally understand the fanboi-ism over vinyl myself, why not make use of all the possibilities open to us? :)


RachR said on the 15th Feb, 2011

Why does it matter what you use? As long as it sounds good surely that's all that matters?


sHaRp-b0y said on the 15th Feb, 2011

New haircut imminent.


lawlietskyy said on the 15th Feb, 2011

First time seeing hawtin at fmf .. Hope he lives up to the hype