Danny Tenaglia’s 13 hour birthday set

Image for Danny Tenaglia’s 13 hour birthday set

Like a fine wine or a real stinky cheese DJ legend Danny Tenaglia seems to only get better with age, as the New York mainstay continues to slog it out behind the decks every weekend. Now as Tenaglia turns 50 the big man is celebrating in marathon style, plotting a 13 hour party in New York City this weekend.

Taking over the Best Buy Theater in New York this Saturday, March 5th, Tenaglia’s 50th birthday bash will feature the man himself on the one’s and two’s for 13 incredible hours as well as assistance from his Be Yourself buddy JoJo Americo and a swarm of “dancers, roller skaters, runway divas and surprise guests”.

As the venue’s right up in the heart of Times Square, Tenaglia’s 50th will take a Broadway theme and already we’ve got the hilarious/awesome flyer seen above. That’s some bonkers photoshopping! While ITMers stuck in Australia won’t be able to join in the fun with Tenaglia at least we can relive his magical 2009/2010 summer tour.


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