Deadmau5, Digitalism & more dance stars join EXIT Festival

Image for Deadmau5, Digitalism & more dance stars join EXIT Festival

Since we last reported on one of the world’s most desirable festivals, the 2011 line-up for Serbia’s EXIT has only grown more unmissable. The vast Dance Arena in the historic Petrovardian Fortress has hosted some explosive performances in the past – 2009’s barrage of back-to-back sets could only have been awesome – and things are shaping up well again for this July.

Earlier this year we learned that trip-hop originals Portishead would emerge from the studio to wow the Fortress, and now there’s more after-dark action to report. Deadmau5 has been added to the line-up in his ‘unhooked’ guise, which means the EXIT hordes will get a DJ set instead of the eye-popping live LED show we’ll see at Creamfields.

The latest round of additions also includes Paul Kalbrenner, Digitalism and Steve Aoki, with Underworld, Magnetic Man, Joris Voorn, Carl Craig, Marco Carola and DJ Sneak added back in February. With over 400 acts and 20 stages, there’s plenty more where this came from. Stay tuned, or just take the plunge and buy the airfare now…do you really want to wait another year?

Here’s the updated EXIT Festival 2011 line-up:

Arcade Fire
Deadmau5 (unhooked)
Fedde Le Grand
Magnetic Man
James Zabiela
Digitalism [live]
Dj Sneak
Paul Kalkbrenner
Joris Voorn
Steve Aoki
Carl Craig
Marco Carola
Joachim Garraud
The Good Guys
Svi na Pod


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Fittler said on the 9th Mar, 2011

Love The Parque Hotel in Nova Sad.
i recommend staying there to anyone going to this awesome festival.


theHordern said on the 9th Mar, 2011

please arcade fire for splendour.... i beg of you.


cozza147 said on the 9th Mar, 2011

arcade fire cant do splendour.
supporting U2 the same w.e


theHordern said on the 9th Mar, 2011

balls. simply balls. although it is cool they cover love will tear us apart when they tour with u2. oh well, maybe their own tour.


Matty_neal said on the 9th Mar, 2011

That lineup doesn't look THAT good, we get 99% of those artists here anyway...? Underworld? seen em. Deadmau5? Seen him, Fedde Le grande? Seen him, Tiga? James? Steve???? So many acts I've already seen...hmmm....

Obviously I'd go if I was close enough still! :D


JackT said on the 11th Mar, 2011

Yeah, I guess it's more that we don't have them all at the same festival, in a Serbian castle.


JackT said on the 11th Mar, 2011

....That goes until well after sunrise each day.


AstrumAnimal said on the 11th Mar, 2011

Those going to Serbia, please do take precaution. ..specially gays.
Serbians are well known to be classy, dress well and have good taste.
But, unfortunately some people have to be careful where they walk and who the mix with.
As Armin Van Buuren often says: "Travel safe!".
I'm speaking from experience. I love Serbian nigh spots (NOX). But yeah! Please be careful! добар провод !
and NO, I am NOT gay. :slap:


LunarCat said on the 28th Dec, 2011

^ Nice first post, kicking up the dead thread :lol:

At first glance I thought this is the new EXIT 2012 thread... Well, few more months and we'll have that, too...