Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, DJ Shadow and more on typically bananas Glastonbury lineup

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While we’ve been debating exactly which European summer festival gets ITMers’ blood pumping the most recently, one of the undisputed big daddy festivals of the northern hemisphere remains the UK’s Glastonbury, a multi-day mecca (June 24-26 this year) of a festival that attracts upwards of 150,000 people each year.

Why all those people go is simple, really: it’s the lineup. Every year the festival manages to pull in an amazing amount of artists, somehow catering for almost everyone’s tastes. Announced overnight, the 2011 lineup is no exception with the Glastonbury organisers packing out proceedings with a galaxy of musical stars. As well as the big ticket headliners like U2 and Coldplay, this year’s festival offers an array of dance draws including The Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, Friendly Fires, Nicholas Jaar, James Blake, Caribou, Robyn, Primal Scream, Chase & Status and Kool & The Gang.

And that’s just the live acts! The DJ contingent is similarly epic with Carl Cox, Fatboy Slim, DJ Shadow, Erol Alkan, Nero, Plump DJs, Pete Tong, Tensnake, Gold Panda, Joker, Jamie XX and John Digweed.

We’ve got a date with our inhaler after all that so you should probably just check out the incredibly ridiculous Glasto lineup for yourself. And if you’re thinking about going over for it, we’d give you a nudge of encouragement as there won’t be another Glastonbury festival until 2013 after their dunny-dramas.

Glastonbury 2011 lineup


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austraboy said on the 15th Apr, 2011

People don't go to Glastonbury because of the lineup.

Glastonbury is very unique and the festival itself is bigger than the lineup.


daverh said on the 15th Apr, 2011

I don't know about you but the only thing that could get me to willingly spend a long weekend in the mud with a legion of drunk Britons would be a lineup like that.


austraboy said on the 15th Apr, 2011

Not really retarded considering the festival sells out before the line up is released.

I've been to 3 of the last 4 Glastonbury festivals and can tell you that the there is a reason why people have gone to the festival for like 30 years straight.

Do you really think the people 50 care that DJ Shadow are playing?


daverh said on the 15th Apr, 2011

You reckon if they pre-sold out all their tickets and then dropped a lineup that featured Rebecca Black playing 1000 times over three days that they'd get people keen to come back again next time just for the 'vibe' or the 'atmosphere' or the 'experience'?


austraboy said on the 15th Apr, 2011

of course not..

I'm just saying that there is more to the festival than just the line up... there are plenty of people who go who don't even go to the Pyramid or Other stage and just wonder round the tiny areas checking out no name acts.

There are even some people who just spend the whole 3 days hanging out around the Stoned Circle.

Performers are paid less to play at Glastonbury compared to other festivals just because it's Glastonbury...

It's just different compared to other big name festivals like Reading etc.

Saying the reason why all those people go is the line up is just not the case.


rubbishtalk said on the 15th Apr, 2011

The question is who the hell isn't playing on this line up???
I got tired reading it. I can't imagine trying to see everyone I would want to in 3 days!


Ruskhouse said on the 16th Apr, 2011

austraboy = negative nancy